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Your Stats as a Shinigami

How would you fare in the world of Bleach.

bleach divisions

tells you which bleach division you belong to

Who is your Bleach match?

Which Bleach male is your match?

Your True Bankai

Diagnosiser will tell you what your bankai is straight from the bleach wiki. UPDATED 22/01/2020

Bleach: Brave Souls Stats!

Shows your maxed stats if you were a 6 star character!

What are you in Bleach?


Life as a Shinigami

Ever interested in what kind of life you'd live as a Shinigami in Bleach's Soul Society? Well now you can see your squad and position within Gotei 13, as well as your Zanpakuto type and overall stats.


Make your own OC from Bleach!

Your True Shikai

This diagnosiser will tell you what shikai you have from the bleach wiki.

Your Stats as an Arrancar

Because not all of us can have a shinigami bleachsona and I know for a fact some of you clowns are furries.

¤ Your Shinigami Character ¤

Make your own Shinigami OC from Bleach!

espada generator

enter hueco mundo (from tite kubo's bleach)
espada generator

What Bleach Captain Are You?

A fun little thing to assign you a kin.

Which Espada are you?

See which Espada from bleach are you.

Zangetsu Kurosaki

A man in black, wielding a magic sword, is on a mission to eradicate clout.
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