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Kpop World Bestfriend

your bestfriend in kpop world :D

All your firsts with ATEEZ

First bestfriend, first kiss, first love~

Your Exo Bestfriend

For Exotics only :)

X1 as your bestfriend

some are sweet, some are bitchy, some are scary & some are being protective.

Your Hypnosis mic bestfriend

Sorry for my broken engrish and many typos _(:3ゝ∠)_

Your bestfriend and enemy!

Find out your anime bestfriend and enemy! Don't be shock XD

ATEEZ as your classmates

They will be your chairmate, enemy, bestfriend, crush, secret admirer, boyfriend, ex, and the one who always with you wherever you go

if u die,ur bestfriend Will?

Check out what your bestfriend will do if you die

Who is your bestfriend in KPop?

your best friend is.......

Who's your kpop bestfriend ?

Let's see your bestfriend in kpop :)

Your SNSD Bestfriend

For Sone only :)

Which BTS member will be your bestfriend?

There's no such thing as a bad outcome ( ˘ ³˘)♥

who in oneus would be your best friend?

who in oneus is your best friend ?

The relationships of your OCs

Parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, bestfriend, friends, brother/Sister, aunt and uncles, enemy.

MCND Bestfriend

Come into ice age!

Who is your Naruto Best friend?

Use this to find your Naruto Best friend! Mega thanks to this website https://narutoepisodes.net/character-list/

[Kiramune] Bestfriend and Enemy

Just a shindanmaker with kiramune all members. Enjoy :D

oh yes good

there is one boy named Bae Jinyoung and his bestfriend Park Jihoon which is also known as winkdeep.



Prikook the best couple

jungkook protected prisha from dying, taehyung also liked prisha but jimin liked taehyung. jin was prisha's brother and yoongi was his sibling namjoon and hobi were her bestfriends
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