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Attack on Titan OC character generator

Create a random character by entering the chosen name.

Attack On Titan OC Generator

What kind of solider would you be?

Your *Awesome* Special Attack

What's your anime or video game special attack/super move?

Attack/Defence/Speed Stats

Find out your stats! Are they good or.....not so good?

Your Attack on Titans

Titans have invaded the barricade. Will you become a hero or will you simply be dinner?

who in bts attacked you?

you’ve been attacked 😩

Your Touhou Spell Card!

Millions of combinations! What's the name of your special attack in Touhou?

Your Pokemon Movelist

Metronome-selected list of 4 attacks!

Undertale OC generator


Your Attack as Titan

Now see how successful you would be as a Titan! Crush those puny humans and show them who rules the land!

Attack on Titan OC Creator

Random AoT OC Creator

Your signature move!

your very own attack

Your Unique Digimon

Draw your own digimon just like Takato. Can't find inspiration? I'm here to help. This randomly generates all the needed details of creating your very own digimon. For their attacks and weapon of choice refer to another one of my generators, since this onl

Your best weapon and your most powerfull attack

Show your hidden power!

Your Magical Girl Power

Let's see what power attack you would have if you were an anime magical girl ^-^

What's Your Special Attack?

Find out what your attacks called and the amount of damage it'll cause~!

Your boyfriend in Attack on Titan

Who is your perfect boyfriend in Attack on Titan!? CHECK IT OUT!(There's a trap in here~~♪)

Attack on Your Titan

No longer are you a human, you're a titan.

Your DBZ Ultimate Move name.

This is your most ultra mega super dooper amazing ultimate powerful attack.

Your Attack on Titan Story

You joined the Scouting Legion. What's your story?

Attack On Death

so u do the whole 'dying' thing in snk and

DBZ Attacks

What DBZ attacks will you use to destroy enemies?

What will levi do when he sees you?

What will levi from attack on titan do when he sees you?

Attack on Titan

Your life inside the walls.

You as a Magical Girl?

What is your magical girl color, attack name, weapon, mascot and outfit like? Let's find out!

Attack on Titan: Your Statistics

Who are you in the world of Attack On Titan?

your "attackOnTitan" husband

your future life and husband from the anime "attack on titan"

Name of your Final Attack

Find out what your Final Attack would be named.

Shingeki no Deaths

If you were in the Attack on Titan universe, this is how you would die.

Shounen Hero Special Attack

Diagnoses your Special attack in a Shounen Anime!
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