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[NSFW] Isekai Scenario Generator

You awaken and find yourself in another world! What kind of adventure awaits you? Inspired by the Isekai subgenre of Japanese fantasy fiction.

How obese will you get and why?

Yet another generator that describes how awfully fat your character has gotten and how they ended up like this!Includes some forcefeeding, humiliation, etc. as well and might not be for everyone!~

You are now a Monster Girl!

Reincarnation? Transportation to another world? Whatever the case, it seems your body now looks only partially human!*Results based on "Monster Girl Encyclopedia" for reference (NSFW).*Please feel free to take some creative freedom with your results.

RPG Shindan 71519

oh boy another one of these

Your Kemono One-Night Stand

Is this the night of your dreams? Or just another notch on your belt?

Another macro furry growth game!

Mostly intended for macro furries. This is a little game where someone grows, and it tells you everything about it!

yet another Ship AU/Prompt shindan

Why yes, it's another one. Put in a ship & get a random prompt, AU, or quote! A lot of these are super silly. Try changing the capitalization for new ones. (Updated March 2017)

Transformative Thirstquencers Restricted

[NSFW 18+] The BAPZ for you. Bar tended by @ikksplicit. Still thirsty? Try another name and combine your results.

Your Government Assigned Fursona

Another stupid Boun thing

What are your powers?

Because we need another one.Use for quirks or something.Results change daily.

Kpop Housewives

You and an idol are another's idol's "maids"

Furry Junk Swap! (Male-Only)

Place your genitals in the machine, press a button and have them swapped with those of another anthro!(Please enter a description of your junk)

What were your last words? :o

because we needed another one of these

Your Unique Digimon

Draw your own digimon just like Takato. Can't find inspiration? I'm here to help. This randomly generates all the needed details of creating your very own digimon. For their attacks and weapon of choice refer to another one of my generators, since this onl

Another macro furry Shindan test

Title says it all. Having some fun.Some combos may not make sense, but this is a bit more complex than my last one so don't be surprised if there's one or two grammatical errors.

Elemental Power 2

Another nerdy Elemental Power shindan for all your nerdy chunibyo needs!

Fat Furry Friend Generator

Another one.

It runs (down the throat) in the family (belly)

You have a very hungry family. You included. Who will wind up eating who and what will happen? Warning there is vore! Inspired by another similar shindan and writing help came from a friend. This was hastily pushed out and will be eventually updated more.

Top or Bottom with Pillars

Who are you going to bed with of the Demon Slayer pillars?Another one

Your Nut Streak in DDD

Congratulations to all of you who have passed NNN, but I'm afraid that another challenge awaits, and it is known by many as Destroy Dick December. In order to become this year's Nut Champion, you will need to nut more times than any other.

Yet another FNAF OC generator

Idk, I needed some ideas uwu (All the establishment names came from the Fantasy Name Generators website!) (the update made it long, so warning!)

Alternate self

just another oc generator. Gender + Appearance + personality (sort of).

Yet Another Undertale OC Generator

Except it has... more info?

Risky RT Dare

Another Twitter RT Dare Shindan, this one with a bit more risky results.

Uta No Prince-Sama - Caught in the act!

An idol sees you do something with another Idol...what happens!?

You Teleport to Another World!

You are walking along one day when you suddenly find yourself on another world. What is your experience there?

Create your Weird Law!

Set crazy laws for your followers! Successfully enforcing them is another story. ヽ(・ω・)ノ

Yet another damn RPG Shindan

Find your class, level and alignment!

Unordinary OC generator

Another one. FITE ME.

Your SPN AU love story

In another universe, you met a Supernatural character and fell in love...
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