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My Hero Academia Quirk

What's your quirk?

Anime Character Generator

OC Generator mainly for drawing purposes ^^

Anime OC Description

See your anime!

your jujutsu kaisen oc

honestly dont know how cursed energy works even though ive watched the anime and read the manga sweating emoji.also second/third portion are optional lol

Your role in anime

Decides which role you will take in what kind of anime

Anime Power Generator

Find out what power you'd have as an anime character!

How you'll look in an anime

I really like this kind of stuff ._. Have Fun (^-^)

Your Voice

Which Seiyuu would voice you in an anime?

Anime/Manga Character

What would you be like if you were an anime/manga character?

Who will animate you?

You're being adapted to an anime!

Your role in the anime

Find out your own epic role in the anime!

Anime personality

What is your anime character personality?

Hot anime female generator

This is fun to draw, I think :D

Your anime death

How you would die if you were in an anime.

Your Anime Form

Find out how your 2D form looks like!

How'll you be like in an Anime

For Anime-Fans :3

Anime Girl Type (NSFW)

Generates your anime girl stats! Some answers are NSFW and answers will be unexpected!

Your *Awesome* Special Attack

What's your anime or video game special attack/super move?

Who is your perfect Anime BoyFriend?

Diagnoses your perfect Anime BoyFriend.

what anime would you belong in?

tells you what anime you belong in, what character you are, and what your fate within the fictional world is! good luck!

Anime Protagonist

Diagnoses your backstory

Your Anime Character: Role, Genre, Stats

Who are you, and in what kind of series?Five parameters.Not serious, updates every now and then.

Which anime character makes you horny

This diagnosis will tell you what anime character you simp for

Siapa kalian jika masuk dunia anime ?

Ingin tau jadi siapa kamu jika masuk dunia anime ? masukkan nama panggilan kamu dan lihat kemana takdir membawamu.Baca Juga- Bagaimana jika kita terjebak di dunia Sword Art Online ?Dan artikel tentang anime lainnya di >> http://burung-net.co

Your anime boy first kiss

With who and how cool will be your first kiss? :3

Which anime emoticon are you?

My own version of ArinaEndoh's Shindan. So, please check their's out too!


What would you look like?

Anime Female Partner

Diagnoses your name and find it!

Anime Body Swap!

Diagnoses your body which was swapped with an anime character. ( ̄ー ̄)
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