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✧what kind of an angel are you?✧

find out what kind of an angel you are, your wings and where you live.

Magical Pair of Wings Generator

For Fairies, Angels, Demons and anything else

Heaven sent x hell bound

A war between angels and demons with a cambion leading the demon army and an archangel leading the angels


what kind of divine messenger are you?

ace of angels + you

find out who of the AOA girls is destined for you

Angel's Court And You

Another personal thing. I don't expect anyone to get this either.

how much the distortion archangels like you!

just a little something for the archangel ocs !! ( belonging to khae / marion / therm )

Who's your Teen Top ship?

ANGELs, play this if you love TT!


Fun, crazy, diabolical, yet nice


Astrologic, mistic, cristals and angels


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