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Top, bottom, switch?

Type in your name and discover your position in bed.

ABA Generator


4th Gen K-pop Group Compatibility

Which K-POP group should you stan???


Create some kind of Monster

Mr Incognito

Mr Incognitos waifu chart

How much of a foxgirl are you?

Again, I don't know why. But since my last diagnosis is doing good, I thought I'd make another

Your JoJo Character

Put only your first name. Also, this is only from part 1-5 content, for respect towards anime-onlys.



Vibe Check1111122223333


Villainous Waifu Generator~

In a fictional universe, what kind of evil waifu could YOU be~? And what of your fanbase? (Daily results!)



Little Cutie Maker

Remade my old cutie maker because I wasn't happy with it. I hope this one is better!

What kind of RPG Party member are you?

Determines your class from over 150 different options as well as your stats and positioning on the battle field.

Abnormal Stats Redux

A redo on something for my original stories, meant to bring in some new power systems I wanna use.Scaling for stats: 1 is “Very bad” 4 is “Average” and 10 is “Abnormally Amazing!!”

Terraria Souls

Find out which Souls you embody in Terraria

Weapon Compatibility

Just for fun :)

Vision Compatibility

Just for fun :)

Genshin creator oc

Here is a very detailed genshin oc creator it is in use if you want to make and draw your very own genshin character tell me if i need to add anything

how compatible are you with exo


what arehaheeh



What kind of wifu am i?!

Femboy diagnosis

What type of femboy are you? Find out with this diagnosis...

Politcial Compass v. 18.7

This test embodies the [r]evolution of the political compass. On the basis of this test you can, will and should orient yourself in the future, no matter what it is about.

These are your stats if you had powers

Lol idk

Yamino's A:TLA OC Generator

A generator to help you create unique and memorable original characters set in the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender!

How horny are you(?)?)

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