About secure communications

About secure communications

ShindanMaker supports secure communications so that you can use the site with more confidence.
Secure communications are also known as "encrypted communications" or "SSL/TLS(Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security communications", and they are a method whereby encrypting the information to be exchanged over the internet results in the safer sending and transmission of data. 

If the address displayed in your browser's address bar looks like the examples below, then it means that secure communications are in progress (the way this is displayed varies by browser, and is not limited to the examples below). 

  • https://shindanmaker.com if, as in this example, the start of the address says https, not http
  • shindanmaker.com if, as in this example, there is a padlock icon at the beginning of the address

However, for some old browsers and mobile devices, there are cases where it is not possible to browse normally, so we have made it possible to switch secure communications on or off for a certain period of time.

If you wish to change this setting, click on the link below to change it. (If you are currently logged in, you will need to log in again.)
Furthermore, please be aware that secure communications are not supported on a small number of devices. 

Change secure communication settings

Current setting = Secure communications are on.

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