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Diagnoses on the theme of [x1].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Relationship with X1 (55,673)
Let's be delusional just this once XD Inspired by this en.shindanmaker.com/783780
Living with X1 (18,165)
This is what will happen when you live with X1 Inspired by https://en.shindanmaker.com/784901
your x1 energy (15,703)
ippeo ippeoyeo
School Life with X1 💙 (12,835)
Are you going to enjoy your school life with the boys? 🙈
X1 as twitter moots (7,756)
You're now mutuals with X1 ❤️
who will you marry in x1? (6,159)
who's your future husband~
x1 members in you (5,950)
How many % of X1 members in you?
who in x1 kills you (3,834)
im bored
x1 as your twitter mutuals (3,685)
yes im copying my own nct shindanmaker
ur relationship with x1 (3,594)
im bored again
your x1 boyfriend (3,544)
who in x1 is your boyfriend~?
How you meet your X1 Soulmate? (2,902)
How will you meet your X1 Soulmate? (Just a fluffy scenario)
x1 compatibility! (2,243)
who are you most compatible/least compatible with in x1?
x1 as your twitter mutuals! (1,862)
minhee main vocal
x1 astrology (1,611)
sun + moon + rising
create your own kpop group (1,442)
how is your own kpop group going to be?
School With X1 (1,353)
Just a normal school day with X1
When I debuted (1,230)
My ultimate bias in the kpop industry is lee eunsang and song hyeongjun x1.
what&039;s your x1 soulmate (808)
i made x1 version yeay, sorry for my poor english.
First Kiss with X1 (699)
who in x1 will you have your first kiss with?
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