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Fantasy Stuffing: The Solo Adventurer (858)
When you're a hero in a fantasy like setting, there is many dangers. Dangerous people, dangerou...
Shrunken in a House (VORE) (409)
You don't remember falling asleep, but when you wake up you find yourself in a house, shrunken ...
Are you a predator or prey? (1,110)
Type in your name and find out. (Along with a small description)
Crush or Slush - The Predator Dating Sho... (1,528)
Welcome to Crush or Slush, the only dating show that pairs prey with predators to see if love can ov...
How voracious were you? (1,651)
Dumb thing to diagnose how you got so big.
What Does The Character Eat? (736)
When Your Favorite Character (In A Cartoon/Movie/Video Game/Book) Eats You (WARNING: NSFW) This is ...
[Vore] What&039;s your Haunted House fat... (1,276)
You and your friends are exploring a strange old house where everything wants to eat you. Can you su...
My Furry Vore Adventure (1,094)
If You Get Eaten or Someone Gets Eaten By You, You Might Just Get In Hunger or Someone Get In Hunger...
Someone you ate. (1,205)
Who was lunch for you today and will they be getting out?
Who&039;s eating you (1,330)
enter your name to see who/how they/why they ate you
Pokemon Shrinking Vore (5,480)
You are shrunk and with a giant hungry Pokemon. This contains Oral, Anal Vore and some crushing.
So adorably edible part 1 (681)
A 2-part blind date that takes an interesting turn.
your vorish date (pred) (1,120)
I have decided to make a much more "wholesome" vore scenario creator. Simply put in the na...
Which Ateez member will vore you (1,858)
ion know shit about vore it was just the first thing that popped up in my head :3
Arceus Hunger (411)
Insert your character's name to see the results.
Vore Story Prompt Generator (941)
Need an idea for a vore story? Enter a name and give it a whirl! This generator will create two char...
your vorish date (prey) (1,832)
I have decided to make a much more "wholesome" vore scenario creator. Simply put in the na...
Do you Suck (409)
dick, smoothies, in general ?
Pokemon Vore Fate (1,200)
What fate is for you in Pokemon vore?
Pokemon Vore (1,258)
What pokemon will eat you, and what will your fate be?
Vore Pred Scenarios (1,423)
A thing, that I made
The most likely way you&039;ll be eaten? (765)
Put your name in and see how your predator will dine on you!
Knowing the inner work of a hero! NSFW (1,415)
You've been thrown into a random place. And as you shake off the dizziness, you look up and see...
How will your 4/20 go? (464)
How will your 4/20 go when you meet the pred of your choice?
What&039;s Your Pred Stalker Like? (3,263)
You've caught the attention of somebody today, somebody who wants to gobble you up for supper. ...
Taste (337)
Whats yer taste
How Fattening Will You Be? (4,300)
Simply input the name of a predator (someone you know, a species, a crush, whatever!), and we will c...
Your Vore Fortune (1,392)
Put your name into the VoreFortune Calculator to see what the odds of success in certain settings wi...
Your first Pokemon NSFW (mostly 1st Gen) (2,889)
As our brave New trainer starts off on his first quest, they realize they need a Pokemon! How will t...
A hot spring snack (2,768)
When you go to the hot spring for the first time, you would think someone would help you, but no. In...
A predator among you (1,406)
I think the title is self explained.
Bullying (933)
Another day, another chance to escape the school before the bully gets his on you.
Bullying (size changing edition) (1,366)
You don't know how but the school bully managed to get his hand on a shrink Ray! And guess who ...
Lights camera burping (799)
Put the name of a character in and see what kind of movie they would Star on as a pred!
The boss&039;s lunch (718)
It's your first day at your new job. Out of nowhere, you get called in by your boss to go in hi...
Inside of dating NSFW (1,993)
So you decide to try this dating app your friend recommended. And you immediately get a message of a...
What character eats you? (781)
You come across a famous character from somewhere, a cartoon, anime, or video game. Maybe it's ...
It runs (down the throat) in the family ... (2,301)
You have a very hungry family. You included. Who will wind up eating who and what will happen? Warni...
Neil&039;s Christmas Gift (3,445)
It's Christmas time! That means Neil gets to hand out gifts to everyone, as Santa's favori...
Dangan-Vore-npa (1,876)
Yep. Danganronpa vore. Exactly what it says on the tin. I'm gay so it's only the boys.
Vore Drabbles Generator (2,170)
Just put in the name of a character, and see what drabble you get! Feel free to use to spark some id...
Big Furry&039;s Helpless Meal (2,094)
Yesterday, you had laughed at the outlandish rumors of an illegal restaurant that abducts and shrink...
gorge yourself (5,915)
Get a huge stomach. Warning, there wil be vore in result. Send foodstuffs and scenarios ideas if yo...
Vore story prompt (2,585)
(First try at one of these) Writing prompt for any vore authors out there. It will occasionally use ...
[Vore] What Pokemon will take you in? (1,719)
First time making one of these so I do not think it will be all that okay.
Your Gay Male Furry Vore Result Generato... (7,232)
Are you a hungry furry guy and love eating other furry guys? Well, let's see just how hungry yo...
Furry Sleepover: Shrinking Shenanigans (6,239)
Sleepovers - those magical nights that turn into mornings as you pass the hours away with good frien...
Giant Pokémons! (6,364)
While playing Pokémon, you're suddenly shrunk down and sucked into the game! To make it even wo...
Shrunken around your dog! [WARNING Vore ... (6,558)
WARNING: Macrophilia/Vorarephilia themed. Viewer discretion is advised. Title says it: You shrink wh...
How Your RPG Adventure Ends (8,850)
Find out how you meet your demise in this furry-centric RPG!
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