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Diagnoses on the theme of [twice].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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your twice soulmate (5,746)
find out your soulmate in twice!!
which twice member's energy do you have?
relationship with twice (3,804)
living the dream🤩
your TWICE compatibility! (1,618)
what's your compatibility with twice?? let's find out!
who is your twice soulmate (1,180)
no men allowed
who is your twice bff? (1,149)
who in twice is your bestfriend?
which fancy lyric are u (1,088)
twicestrology (704)
your major astrological signs a but as twice
Twice as people at your school (661)
If Twice all went to your school, who would they be?
Which TWICE ship will you spend the nigh... (524)
You will have 3 options. Choose wisely...
Which TWICE Music Video Do You Live In? (410)
Which TWICE music video do you live in? Which member are you in that music video? Find out. Korean m...
what percent twice members r you (220)
100% once baby!!!1!!
which kpop girl group/artist you should ... (213)
Which kpop girl group or artist You should Stan pls stan
which kpop idol do you play minecraft wi... (99)
the title luvs xx
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