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Diagnoses on the theme of [touken].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Tourabu kiss time~~!! (5,569)
When your swords love you too much (?) (updated 9-9-2020)
Your Touken Ranbu husband (3,579)
Saniwas in sword boys hell
I tried to eavesdrop on the touken dansh... (2,917)
Today two of the touken danshi are having an conversation and again I eavesdroped on them... 28/03/2...
You told the touken danshi to come over (1,735)
You told the touken danshi to come over How will they react?
How will the Touken Ranbu boys react??? (1,488)
Do something to a random Touken Ranbu boy and see how he reacts to it! Warning: some results can con...
Your Touken Ranbu experience! (928)
Find out everything you need to know about your life in Touken Ranbu!
Your Toudan self (803)
Discover how would you be like in the TouRabu universe!! (no female Toudans available in this univer...
What would you look like as a Touken Ran... (535)
Find out what you would look like as a touken danshi!
You tried to call Hasebe. (322)
You tried to call Hasebe.
Tourabu: Battle Rankings (309)
You have just cleared a node.
Will Mouri Toushirou come home? (109)
Find out if Mouri Toushirou makes his way to your honmaru.
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