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Your Touhou Spell Card! (15,206)
Millions of combinations! What's the name of your special attack in Touhou?
Touhou Maker (11,720)
What are you, what's your powers, and what stage are you in?
You as a Touhou Character (7,306)
What would you be if you were born in Gensokyo ?
Death by Touhou (6,315)
How will you die in Gensokyo?
Touhou waifus. (5,715)
Because I ca. *gagaface*
wich 2hu fuk? (4,671)
This will accurately diagnose wich 2hu will be the best fuk for you this day, as well as any additio...
Your touhou lewd life (4,043)
Enter your name and figure out your lewd trip in Gensokyo!
You as a Touhou Character (2) (3,999)
Your relationship with other Touhou Characters. Continuation of the first I guess.
Your Touhou Theme Music (3,954)
If you were a Touhou, this would be your theme.
Gensokyo Adventure (3,906)
What will wait for you in Gensokyo?
Touhou Lifestyle (3,813)
Discover your Touhou wife, enemy, and...???
Who is your Touhou Waifu? (3,493)
Find out who your waifu would be if you lived in Gensokyo.
Youkai Designation (2,955)
What type of youkai are you, and what is your mysterious power? (Updated January 2018!)
Touhou Mating Season (2,571)
Let's see who will you mate with !
Your Touhou Harem (2,091)
Your Harem consist of the following characters. Who's in your Harem? Includes Touhou 15 charact...
You in Gensokyo (1,881)
Your basic appearance, power level, and species in Gensokyo.
2 touhou
What is your Touhou theme? (1,565)
find out what stage and boss theme you'd have if you were in a Touhou game (already existing th...
Who are you in Gensokyo? (1,500)
Find out your species and what stage you appear on!
2 Touhou
Who becomes your Touhou Partner? (1,158)
Who becomes your partner in solving an Incident in Gensokyo? Pull a name out of the hat and see! (I&...
What Touhou should I play? (1,053)
Not sure which Touhou game to play? Let this choose for you!
What does Sakuya think about you? (945)
See what saks thinks about you. Btw remi is a terrible waifu.
Your Bunbunmaru&039;s Life (926)
Who are you in Bunbunmaru?
Your Magfest Experience (789)
What will you do at Magfest?
Waifu Random (779)
Pues eso, una waifu random...
Your Touhou Boss Battle (593)
Find out what kind of Touhou boss you are! Includes stage, number of spellcards, what kind of youka...
Sakuyas ships (552)
Who does Saks ship you with?
What is your Puppet Type? (Touhoumon) (237)
From touhoumon what is your type?
What&039;s your puppet type? (TPDP) (203)
The Touhou Puppet Dance Performance version of this .
yung wuffy (103)
yung wuffy fresh on deck, finna bust some rhymes that'll snap ya neck
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