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Diagnoses on the theme of [suju].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Who's ur bf in Super Junior? (18,563)
For ELF Just For Fun
Your Future Life with SUJU (17,242)
What will happen with your future life with suju?
Your Super Junior Baby Daddy (16,919)
Your SUPER JUNIOR husband. (13,322)
For fangirls only.
You & Super Junior (5,404)
Short scenarios with Super Junior
Your Life W/ EXO (3,194)
Your secret SuJu relationship (2,287)
What will you do with SuJu members, let's find out!
How SJ will confess to you? (2,012)
How will he say that he loves you?
SJ Lucky Fans (1,889)
What Kind of Fanservice from SJ will you get?
3 SJ Suju SJM
Your SuJu Bestfriend (1,772)
For ELF only.
SuJu Classroom (1,280)
You're in a class with Super Junior! What will happen? (ot15)
SUJU dorm~ (1,092)
what awaits you in super junior dorm? *FANGIRLS ONLY* some might hurt you though
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