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Diagnoses on the theme of [songs].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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which sad/ballad kpop song is your anthe... (9,588)
yep. sadpeople.
Which BTS song title describes your life (2,410)
Find out which BTS song title describes your current state of life.
~What TikTok song are you?~ (1,991)
Well? Which one are you?
Miku Song Relation (1,254)
What Miku song do you relate to the most?
What song is best for your parings? UPDA... (332)
[Person 1 x Person 2] or their fandom shipped name thing Just some random songs. Also, Song - Artis...
Which Daft Punk Song Are You? (178)
Find out which Daft Punk song you are.
Your First Song Title (165)
Want a GOOD song title that will be remembered by many? Then this is NOT for you.
i&039;ll recommend you 3 kpop songs (114)
so... yeah
k-pop song recs ! (bg ver.) (89)
hi poopoo this was dedicated to people who want to have taste. if u already know the song u got befo...
Debut song title (59)
Ever wondered what cryptic name your debut sound would have? Or just looking for genral inspiration?...
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