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Diagnoses on the theme of [soft].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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How soft, what kind of soft? (26,413)
How soft are you, and how?
soft k-idols (boys ver) (8,302)
the boys are back in town (bts, exo, stray kids, 7oc, ptg, svt, nct (ot18), mx, day6, wanna one, ast...
being soft with idols (7,833)
uhhh only groups i stan (twice, rv, mx, sk, exo, bts, day6. svt, astro, clc, bp, wanna one, pristin,...
soft nct scenario <3 (5,076)
just a bunch of soft stuff (gender neutral <3)
your nct scenario! ♡ (3,528)
some nct scenarios w you!
what kind of soft boy/girl are you? (2,011)
are you an uwu smol bean? or a lil cinnamon bun :3 ?
soft k-idol (girls ver) (1,848)
women. (girls from bp, twice, clc, momoland, rv, pristin, elris, exid, and gfriend, more to be added...
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