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Diagnoses on the theme of [soft].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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How soft, what kind of soft? (19,803)
How soft are you, and how?
being soft with idols (5,542)
uhhh only groups i stan (twice, rv, mx, sk, exo, bts, day6. svt, astro, clc, bp, wanna one, pristin,...
soft k-idols (boys ver) (5,470)
the boys are back in town (bts, exo, stray kids, 7oc, ptg, svt, nct (ot18), mx, day6, wanna one, ast...
soft nct scenario <3 (2,914)
just a bunch of soft stuff (gender neutral <3)
your nct scenario! ♡ (1,865)
some nct scenarios w you!
soft k-idol (girls ver) (1,291)
women. (girls from bp, twice, clc, momoland, rv, pristin, elris, exid, and gfriend, more to be added...
what kind of soft boy/girl are you? (690)
are you an uwu smol bean? or a lil cinnamon bun :3 ?
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