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Diagnoses on the theme of [shinee].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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SHINee and You! (16,502)
Try =3
your dreams w your bias (15,451)
be happy. Just for fun
Who are your top 2 kpop matches? (14,661)
Your SHINee date (7,114)
Find out how your date with SHINee will go ^^
SHINee compatibility! (7,105)
what's your compatibility with shinee?? let's find out!
Your Shinee energy (4,274)
Which shinee member are you?
your day with shinee (2,180)
how did your day go?
2 shinee
Shinee placements (1,893)
Just like what the title says and if you know about astrology and how shinee acts, this would make s...
SHINee ShindanSun (1,824)
for Shawols :D
Who In Shinee Is Most Likely To Fight Yo... (1,792)
I doubt anyone in Shinee would want to fight you since theyre nice guys. Tbh, Taemin might for fun i...
Your romantic night with Taemin (1,650)
find out what scenario you will be experiencing with Taemin ^^
Ideal Date with SHINee (1,489)
Which SHINee member will date you, and what will he want to do? 25 different answers!
Shinee as your Twitter mutuals (1,288)
Stan shinee you disgusting wench
Shinee<3 (932)
What is your fate with Shinee?
you going to school with shinee (829)
what happens if you go to school with shinee members follow @jjongfancams on twt
Shinee<3 (773)
What is your fate with Shinee?
vianashita (478)
Which Hogwarts House will Kibum sort you... (318)
If you're not happy with your result, visit http://wizardmore.com/sorting-hat-x/ Also i don...
what song did jonghyun write thinking of... (252)
is it a happy one or a sad one? what was the reason?
Twitter with Shinee (222)
There's already a version like this (https://en.shindanmaker.com/902718) so I decided to make a...
What Does SHINee Like About You? (118)
Everything you read here is 100% true
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