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Your Grades (401)
Diagnose yourself to see what your grades are in school! (They're probably better than mine no ...
I&039;m confused (193)
What is your skin color (115)
Have you ever wondered if you were supposed to have this skin color or maybe another one? Yes? take ...
yilingmaozu (5)
Life in My Hero Academia (468)
If you wish to see, how would a certain person's life be, if they were in My Hero Academia/Boku...
Danganronpa Talent (1,605)
Find out the talent of your oc, *you* or your friends!
Dick size test (207)
If yo pp small, u get stabbed.
And that&039;s on oc generator (21)
I got bored and decided I wanted to make one of these
BTS as your classmates! (47)
BTS as your classmates.
Your XX Scoreliza10 (3)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "XX Score."uh
Nnn (15)
Will you die from the plague? (470)
AnimeClub (144)
Are you fit for being a member of anime-club *adjusts glasses*, this'll show you if you are or ...
What NTI programme energy do you have? (21)
The NTI programme energy meter.
Your NTI Sempai (12)
Decides your true NTI Sempai.
oop3e (1)
Jock Nerd Goth Prep Alignment (408)
Which of these high school stereotypes are you? Does not show CHART!=ERROR like most shindans
What kind of PERSONAE are you[2/1]? (150)
Are you a MadLad (40)
Go die
magical girl maker ˖◛⁺⑅♡ (229)
make your very own magical girl! if you draw her, please tag me on ig, @nocturnities or twt, @noctur...
Homogenic (22)
What do the Danganronpa v1 characters th... (133)
What do the Danganronpa (drv1) characters think of you?
Skdjs (10)
Hihihihihihi (26)
Quem vc seria em fortim ? (1)
Descubra quem você seria em fortim em outras vida , esse teste é baseado em fatos de porra nenhuma
School life with male kpop idols (210)
what goes on in your school life with kpop idols?
Lea (4)
Ghost Female Butt length hair Skin is transparent white Silver transparent hair
Hi I’m idk (19)
Long black hair dimples tattoos
School with Stray Kids :)))))))) (120)
School with Stray Kids :))))))))uwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwu
Diam (9)
Uh idk12 (13)
0H_N0 (16)
I got a disease
what 2019 meme you are (3,261)
what 2019 meme u are
My Hero Academia (315)
Who from bnha are you most like?
What&039;s your miraculous in the future (106)
Don't get mad at me it's your miraculous 0
luth (8)
i dont know
Ptrolivia17 (7)
adobe gender check (653)
check what adobe program u are
Callum (12)
Marcel (12)
1000% straight!
The future (73)
This diagnosis uses three lists to create somewhat complex sentences.
Roes (26)
Mood Check (1,604)
Hey, just check know your mood
Gey check (543)
Uwu ur a little bit gay
Which bio celeb shares your soul? (161)
find your guru
First drawing (58)
Nothing here
Will lulu date mark (6)
Gay testimony h (285)
Bobby (12)
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