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13 hit.
Seventeen Scenario (5,183)
i used only the current members (after debut)
Uta no Prince-Sama - Romantic Gesture?! (3,020)
An expanded version of the character kiss scenarios, with a little less romance and a lot more humou...
idolish7 scenario maker (2,454)
don’t @ me
Uta No Prince-Sama - Caught in the act! (2,268)
An idol sees you do something with another Idol...what happens!?
soft nct scenario <3 (1,975)
just a bunch of soft stuff (gender neutral <3)
you in a story with Stray kids <3 (1,840)
as the title says, but better bc it's gender neutral
Uta No Prince-Sama - Secret Rendezvous (1,663)
You meet up with an idol in secret...and do what!? (May contain everything from heart-thundering rom...
DRV3 soulmate vs jealous DRV3 character (1,282)
Also, the they/them pronous go to the Danganronpa characters, and the user is for the person diagnos...
Sherlock scenario (354)
Your life in BBC's Sherlock.
Adventures in Shindan Prison (253)
Blast, you've been caught by the shindan police, and thrown into prison! But the mischief doesn...
Random scenario (220)
Totally not going to give you a weird result or something. (In progress)
Short scenarios with T-ara (210)
No need for description
Erinegis Scenario (19)
Diagnoses your day with a member of Erinegis.
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