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What magic do you use? (32,281)
What kind of magic would you use if you were in an RPG?
Who is your RPG Companion? (8,200)
Every RPG Hero needs a Best Bud! Who's yours?
Character RPG stats (92,076)
Type your character's name to randomly add LV, rank and stats to them.
RPG-tter (181,418)
You've been suddenly sucked into an RPG. What are your stats?
Your Pokemon Form Base Stats/Type/Abilit... (97,396)
Find out what are your stats, ability and typing if you were a Pokemon. All Abilities and Types inc...
Your RPG statistics (31,427)
You're now in an RPG. What are your stats? (Max: 25)
Generic RPG Character Generator (24,209)
Find out who you'd be in an RPG
What are your D&D stats? (11,548)
Find out what your stats are in Dungeons and Dragons.
A Random Battle! (11,271)
You're walking along and SUDDENLY.......
What RPG character are you? (9,008)
What kind of character would you be in an RPG?
Fantasy Character Classes (8,900)
What is your fantasy character class?
Furry RPG (8,508)
What is your furry RPG character?
If you lived in Kalos (6,470)
Diagnoses your starter, hometown, and fate
How Your RPG Adventure Ends (5,794)
Find out how you meet your demise in this furry-centric RPG!
Your Ultimate Skill (5,471)
The main antagonist nearly died, what skill will you use to finish him/her?
Who is your best friend in Undertale? (5,191)
A little late to the party, but let's just see who will ended being your best friend. If anyone...
Weaponizer (5,087)
Discover your Ultimate Weapon!
Furry TF RPG (4,937)
You transform! Your stats are:
RPG Skill (Description) (3,594)
Just description. Use it wisely.
HetaOni? (3,584)
If you enter a certain deserted, Japanese-style mansion...
Your RPG inventory (3,403)
You're in an RPG. We've done you're stats, now what's in your inventory?
Game Character (3,289)
Level, stats, race, class. Typical fantasy rpg based.
What is your RPG weapon? (3,265)
If you were in a RPG what would you fight with?
The Story of Your 16-Bit RPG! (3,180)
Enter in your name and discover your pixelated destiny!
Your RPG Stats (3,121)
What are your RPG stats?
Magical Grade and Society (2,934)
Find out your rank and place in a magical society!
Persona 3 character (2,785)
Which Persona 3 character are you?
Your Furry RPG Character (2,554)
You been summoned and transported to a fantasy world, and morphed into a new form and specie in the ...
Your fantasy weakness (2,475)
Don't be too obsessed with power. Most good fantasy characters has a shortcoming
If you were an RPG character (2,469)
Check what you would be if you were an RPG character!
Who are you in an RPG? (2,432)
to help make characters
DnD Character! (2,146)
Find out your race, class, and stats! Results change daily.
Your Fantasy Character Status (2,118)
Find out your status~
What is your RPG class? (2,105)
You are summoned into a fantasy world of magic, which path fate has chosen for you?
Yet another damn RPG Shindan (2,075)
Find your class, level and alignment!
Kemo Questing (2,050)
You're the hero of your own RPG! Which anthropomorphic adventurer will you recruit to aid in yo...
RPG Battle Inflation Generator (1,910)
You encounter some enemies that want to inflate you. Time to take action!
Your Magical Artifact (1,856)
Your magical artifact in an RPG
Your fate as a fantasy hero (1,733)
What is your fate as a fantasy hero? I realize there are similar ones to this. Some results are not...
An Ornate Treasure Chest (1,692)
Find out what amazing magical weapon you'll wield.
Your RPG Potential (1,668)
Based on the Planner Scenario created by Alice Soft (i.e. the Rance series' universe). The aver...
Your Furry fantasy RPG Role (1,537)
Find out the extensive lifestyle you would be able to live in a fantasy world as a furry.
What kind of RPG game are you? (1,332)
Includes developer and publisher too!
Etrian Odyssey X Party Generator (1,288)
This generator presents you with the classes and subclasses of the members of a party to bring to th...
What kind of roleplayer are you? (1,194)
It's a terrible shindanmaker. But it'll show the true YOU... As a roleplayer! Applicable t...
Your RPG Fantasy Life and Fate (1,170)
Race, class, appearance, weapon, bio, and eventual fate.
RPG-URSELF (1,165)
Ever wanted to make yourself an RPG character?
You as an RPG Character (1,164)
If you were playing an RPG, what would your character be like? Check it out and see!
Super Abilities (1,104)
What could your super ability be?
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