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Which Precure Character Are You? (1,547)
Find out which precure character you are.
Precure Soulmate (733)
Diagnoses your Ideal Precure Soulmate
Which Pretty Cure Villain Are You?! (340)
Not including evil Cures, Black Hole, or Fusion o v o||
What PreCure Are You? (327)
A test/diagnosis to see which PreCure you would be.
Which Pretty Cure Character Are You? (273)
contains the main cures with some other cures, no fairies,dark cures, bad guys, supporting charas et...
Who is Your Dark!Cure Soulmate?! (238)
Inspired by someone who did a similar concept, now to add some others in ^.~
What Dark!Cure Are You? (174)
Similar to the other one, but with the evil/copy ones this time (Cure-wise!)
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