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Your Pokemon Form Base Stats/Type/Abilit... (113,649)
Find out what are your stats, ability and typing if you were a Pokemon. All Abilities and Types inc...
Which Pokemon would you be? (128,973)
Find out your Pokémon alter ego.
Your Gay Male Anthro Pokemon Partner Gen... (8,645)
In a world with Pokemorphs, they are much more than just your pet, or are they?! Only way to find ou...
What&039;s your legendary/mythical Pokém... (32,000)
Put your name in to find out what your legendary/mythical pokemon is!
Which Pokemon will eat you? (13,226)
WARNING: has sexual content. Which Pokemon will eat you today and how?
What is your Pokémon type? (24,928)
Find out what kind of Pokémon type combination you are!
Pokemon Growth (4,973)
How big a Pokemon are you?
Your Pokemon Team! (5,872)
Your very own Pokemon team!!
Your Pokemon Adventure (4,545)
What will your life in the Pokemon world be like?
If you were a Pokémon...? (16,354)
Discover your type and status if you were a Pokémon!
Fat Pokémon TF! (4,464)
What would happen to someone if they ate a perfectly good and clean light blue candy they found in a...
Spirit Pokémon! (11,402)
Which pokémon, based on your pokédex (pokédex number), is your spirit pokémon? Get your pokedexes ou...
Your Pokemon Movelist (14,661)
Metronome-selected list of 4 attacks!
Your Pokemon Dream Team (15,519)
If you want to be the very best like no one else, you should catch a Pokemon dream team! Which Pokem...
10 Pokemon
If you were a Pokémon Trainer? (11,219)
Find out what your hometown, Pokémon specialty, and trainer class would be!
Which Eevee are you?? (22,386)
Find out which Eevee you are.
Your Giant Pokemon Encounter (2,208)
You somehow cross paths with a giant pokemon. How does the situation unfold?
Pokemon me (54,486)
What kind of pokemon are you?
Pokemon trainer generator! (6,738)
Pokémon Type, Ability, & Moveset Hor... (5,931)
What's your type? What's your ability? What're your moves?
What Pokemorph Guy Are You? (2,700)
Poke-boys, poke-boys. Sexy Sexy poke-boys. [Probably best to assume that's all you're w...
[Pokémon] You&039;re a Gym Leader. (9,427)
Which type do you specialize in?
Your Pokemon Trainer Identity (6,968)
Ever wonder what kind of a trainer you'd be? Enter your name and find out.
What Pokemon would be your companion? (2,792)
Find out what Pokemon would be your companion in the Pokemon world. (Unevolved Pokemon only, no lege...
Which Legendary Pokemon Are You? (12,460)
Simple as that. Does not account for forme changes/mega evolutions.
Pokemon Gijinka Generator (3,412)
See which humanized pokemon character you are.
Your Bara Pokemon Boyfriend Life (5,480)
What kind of bara poke-morph dude will you end up with
Pokémon maker thingy (168)
Want to make your own Pokémon here ya go
What is my Pokesona? (1,315)
If you were a Pokemon, what would you be?
Pokemon Full team (1,707)
You are a trainer here is your full 6 Pokemon team evolutions included.
Pokémon Transformations! ...? (2,874)
In front of you stands a machine offering free Pokémon transformations. However, the machine's...
If you lived in Kalos (7,425)
Diagnoses your starter, hometown, and fate
Fakemon Generator (1,345)
Generates a concept for a Pokémon.
Which Pokemon would you be? (1/999 Shiny... (1,381)
Find your pokemon alter ego. All Pokemon included + Regional Variants!
Pokemon Shrinking Vore (4,840)
You are shrunk and with a giant hungry Pokemon. This contains Oral, Anal Vore and some crushing.
Another Pokesona Generator (514)
tfw you want a gender neutral trainer list grouped by tactics
Ninetales Curse Simulator (538)
You have foolishly pulled a Ninetales tail! Find out what your curse is by entering your name below!
You get a Pokémon! (407)
A mysterious figure approaches you and offers to give you one real-life Pokémon with the exception i...
Which Waifumon Loves You? (1,898)
For you Lewd trainers.
What kind of Gym Leader are you? (3,888)
Where would you reside, what type of Pokemon would you use, and where badge would you give out? Twee...
[PokéSpe] Your talent. (855)
You're a Dexholder. But what's your special skill?
What would you be like as a Pokémon? (320)
Find out what Type you would be, your Appeal conditions, and what Ability you would have in real lif...
Pokeball Anthro Pokemon Transformation (270)
after touch a pokeball, you become an anthro pokemon but… how is your body now? let,s see it! (only ...
Destined Pokemon Team (222)
apparently there’s only 809 registered pokemon (up to gen 8) but my list has 815 so uh.... anyways t...
Random Pokemon Creator (452)
Use this to determine your new starter in a new region
Vs Pokemon Wrestler (666)
You are up against an anthro Pokemon Wrestler for the Championship Title. Who will you be up agains...
Your first Pokemon NSFW (mostly 1st Gen) (2,356)
As our brave New trainer starts off on his first quest, they realize they need a Pokemon! How will t...
What if you were a Pokemon? (239)
Find out what kind of pokemon you would be along with your move set! What strong pokemon are you?
Pokemon Trainer Maker! (1,213)
Get your own Pokemon Trainer!
What’s your Pokémon nature? (931)
Includes stat booster and decreaser (ex: ATK+, SPD-) some have none, however. THIS IS THE FORMAT: N...
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