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Diagnoses on the theme of [osomatsu].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Which Osomatsu-san brother are you? (8,801)
find out which brother you are from the hit anime Osomatsu-san!
Your Matsuno family date (8,384)
Will you regret everything
Which matsu should you date? (6,378)
Which brother from Osomatsu san is your boyfriend?
FMK Osomatsu-san (2,444)
Yeah boy
why is choromatsu crying today (1,591)
hes always crying but why
what is jyushimatsu doing today (1,401)
he does a lot of things but what is he doing today?
Which Osomatsu-san Character Are You? (1,234)
Tweet Like Osomatu-san (1,041)
What Osomatsu-san character will you have to tweet like?
Osomatsu RT drawing prompt (885)
the title said it all
****Marry, Kill - Oso version (587)
I'm sorry ahead of time
Draw a matsu with your personal clothes (435)
The purpose is simply to draw the matsu intended for you with your clothes >w< !
Your Date With a Matsu (168)
Find out how your date goes with one of the Matsus
what does karamatsu do to you (56)
rawr xd
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