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23 hit.
relationship with nct (33,158)
i love them thats it
Hot! 10 nct by @Ioonart
nct life cause why not (9,067)
im bored
NCT boyfriend (14,796)
i love nct
nct dream soulmate ♡ (283)
who’s at the other end of the red string?
Which NCT Member is Your Soulmate? (41,032)
Find out who's your other pair among Taeyong, Yuta, Johnny, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Mark, Taeil, Ten,...
What&039;s Your Relationship with NCT Me... (21,949)
Find out what's your relationship with 3 random NCT members here! ^_^
which nct member crushes u (15,694)
with a little surprise!
Who is your NCT otp? (10,410)
which one will you get!1!1
0 nct kpop
Who&039;s Your NCT Secret Admirer? (8,061)
If you want to know who's your NCT secret admirer and their actions toward you, click here!
Who&039;s your NCT best friend? (7,385)
Who's your bf in nct
2 Nct
Your beautiful story with NCT (6,387)
What happens with you and NCT with a tragic ending
0 nct
NCT and You (4,958)
random stuff with you and nct members!
1 nct
Who&039;s Your NCT Desk Mate? (4,488)
If you were in the same class with NCT members, which one is your desk mate?
NCT Life (3,885)
NCT life (or almost) with you
Almost a click&drag with NCT (3,395)
See for yourself! :D
0 nct
assigned kpop boy (1,679)
for lesbians (seventeen, nct, the boyz, pentagon, mx, exo) twt @gentIegirIs
Your NCT husband and child (1,561)
Who your NCT husband and your child?
who&039;s nct member hates you? (878)
who's one nct member hates you gurls?
Which NCT member vores you (563)
uwu vore me daddy
Your NCT Story (438)
what will your future with nct be?
nct soulmate ♡ (378)
who’s at the other end of the red string?
soft nct scenario <3 (145)
just a bunch of soft stuff (gender neutral <3)
random nct shit (83)
im so sorry i lost my braincells during end of year break also who'd y'all get dm me @only...
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