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Diagnoses on the theme of [name].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Troll Name Generator (112,192)
What's your Troll name?
Your Korean Names (41,459)
get your korean name
Your edgelord name! (20,837)
Better luck next time, kid.
Your Korean Name (14,805)
let's start!
Get a Nickname (12,011)
Or Title, however you want to see it.
You're known as: (9,898)
What people call you behind your back
Name Generator (9,446)
Find out your name! Who knows if you might get something really nice :P
Your Fantasy Name* (8,104)
Female Version
Your Japanese Nickname (6,444)
your japanese nickname use this table to translate romaji to katakana: http://upload.wikimedia.or...
2 Name
Your ghettoqurl name (6,202)
These are all actual names reported by people
Your Indonesian name (4,838)
Get your real Indonesian name
0 Name
Digimon Name Generator (4,438)
Would you like to know what your name would be if you were a Digimon? Well find out here!
You are a SUPERHERO~ (3,856)
What would your superhero name be? (You can pretty much guess the power with the name).
Name Analysis (3,705)
What does your name mean
Your Filipino Name [A-C] (3,101)
If you were to move to the Philippines, what is your name?
Your Fantasy Name (3,064)
Male Version
Altar Ego Name Generator :-) (2,227)
Find out the name of your Altar Ego
What Is Your Stage Name? (1,992)
What name do you choose for yourself when you becme an international super star?
Your fansite&039;s name if you were an i... (1,951)
Enter your name to find out what the name of your fansite would be if you were an idol.
What&039;s your stripper name? (1,787)
You are a stripper. And aside form looking good you also tend to have a hot stripper name. What is i...
What is your Werewolf name? (1,776)
Channel your inner wolf.
Your Female Name (1,768)
Is it PURTY?
Character Generator - Surname (1,538)
A surname Generator. You can create your own first name!
Your Italian Name (1,490)
What is your Italian name? Ve~
Your Werewolf Name (1,307)
moon moon
Rad Nicknames (1,293)
The raddest!
Fantasy Character Generator[Female] (1,009)
Lots of NPC's- 800+ First names 170+ Last names And common professions are duplicated meaning i...
Mega Superhero/Villain name generator (1,003)
The biggest generator of super human names that you could find
What is Your Japanese Name and its Meani... (960)
This is not meant to be taken seriously whatsoever. XD Results change daily!
Name Generator (Female) (855)
A basic generator providing a first and last name for female characters. || A male version can be fo...
What does your sonic oc look like? (855)
this is completely necessary, trust me
Your French name (725)
What is your French name?
female name and what you like (711)
Your Better Name (696)
Provides candidates of your name
0 Name
What&039;s your BTS name?! (580)
Get your BTS name (💜▽💜)💜💜
Name Generator (Male) (538)
A basic generator providing a first and last name for male characters. || A female version can be fo...
SoundCloud Name Generator (524)
Find your sc rapper name.
Name? (513)
0 Name
Your Mother Base I.D. (497)
What's your name, soldier? Comprehensive version available here: https://en.shindanmaker.com/5...
Suggest a better name (488)
Amends your name
0 Name
Japanese Name Generator Unisex (378)
Japanese names that are for the most part unisex. Helpful for character creation!
Random name Generator [ sorta rough sorr... (370)
Did a random generator for names, some are normal, most are not... oops...
name of the day (332)
whats ur name today
What is your Italian Name? (229)
If you were Italian, what would your name be
youngri (156)
diagnoses your name
New Name Creator (132)
Need to find a new name? Try this out. It's completely randomly generated [well, up to 7 letter...
What&039;s Your YA Fantasy Title? (59)
Click and create the name of the next smash YA/new adult fantasy novel.
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