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Male muscle/hyper growth! How big will y... (21,218)
You're getting huge! How big will you get, how will you grow, and what will you do after?
Your hyper muscle furry avatar (5,646)
Find out how big and huge your muscle hyper self would be!
My Hyper Furry Bodybuilder Boyfriend (7,738)
Who's your big hunky new encounter?
Male muscles & pectoral growth! (4,816)
Your muscles are growing bigger and stronger! Especially your pecs! They are exploding!
Bara Curse! (3,307)
You've been cursed to turn into a bara furry! What happens to you?
Furry Bara Fashionista (1,750)
Get style advice (and maybe a good romp) from a high fashion bara fur
The Sports Drink ( Female Muscle Growth ... (3,889)
You take a trip to the Gym, get dressed and start your workout routine. You wipe the sweat from you...
Army Muscle Experiement Program (831)
Congratulations! You've just been enlisted into the Army's newest experiment program. What...
fatskolf&039;s fursona generator (2,384)
Enter your name and find out what fursona suits you best!
Male&039;s Power of Muscle (741)
See what powers lay in you muscles.
Your furry Muscle bro. (362)
You just met up with a friend from a long time ago and you haven't spoken to them in years. It ...
Monstrous Bara Encounter (529)
The life of an adventurer is a hard but interesting one, who knows what you may encounter.
Amazonian Beastly Encounter (2,072)
( A Furry Muscle Femme Generator ) You awake on a strange island, a harsh climate where only the str...
Muscle furry encounter at the gym (296)
Your encounter at the gym with a studly furry.
You&039;ve been turned into a muscular w... (260)
but how and why? :o
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