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My Chemical Romance personality analysis (3,433)
how much gerard, frank, ray, mikey, and bob energy do you give off? (by @cemetaryeyes on twitter l...
which mcr song will be played at your fu... (2,439)
there are a couple solo projects and random songs too
which mcr album are you? (1,983)
what era represents you, based on the albums?
Killjoys Affiliation Chart (1,033)
This diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() in order to create a radar chart.
MCR albums affiliation (936)
this is random
MCR Fans Only! (401)
What do you do when you meet them?
MCR high school scenario (245)
This diagnosis uses three lists to create somewhat complex sentences.
ieroholic (245)
which iero is your soulmate?
Which type of mcr kinnie are you? (39)
Just dont be a bob kinnie. God no.
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