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Your magic smells like... (235)
What scents would your magic give off in the Toby Daye universe?
What legendary creature are you? (200)
What legendary creature are you?
Himiko (12)
Loli Mage with a love for cats and magic
Create a witchsona (5,813)
Find out your witchsona! Including power level, magical specialty, elemental strength, witch marking...
Magical Girl Powers (376)
What is your secret Magical girl power?
-What Magic Do You Have + Stats- (553)
Find out what your magical attribute is along with how good yours is. [The graph is quite small]
Choose Your Magic (19)
For Discord Purposes
Destiny Of War (118)
https://discord.gg/egJUFGZ A roleplay server
Fairy Statistics (181)
Statistics to see how fairy you are.
Dej&039;s Character Universe Stat Sheet (76)
Use this to find out what your results would be on the offiicial M.A. (Magical Assessment) test! Ple...
Questing Expedition (134)
You and a congregation of adventurers venture into unknown, unexplored areas, in pursuit of wealth a...
Which Magic can you Invoke? (2,379)
"Magic" can be considered as dependent on your soul, whose specific traits are manifested ...
What type of spellcaster are you? (676)
With all the various types of magic out there, ever wonder what type of spellcaster you are? What�...
you as a magic person (230)
i dont know why im doing this
Ancient Magus Bride Persona (320)
What is your life like in the world of mages, neighbors, and alchemists? (First shindan here we go!...
Leah Marie (10)
Your life in Hogwarts (564)
Your life and future in the Wizarding World. To make this more interesting, let's assume, that ...
What would your fantasy life be like? (567)
A generator for a fantasy character, or your sona.
Magical Fursona Generator (401)
A shinden that tells a little story. who will you be?
Magical User Sona/OC (255)
What is your magical user sona? Do you need ideas for your magical girl/boy OC? enter in your name. ...
What are your powers? (3,453)
Because we need another one. Use for quirks or something. Results change daily.
Elemental Affinity (797)
Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Ice, Thunder, Light, and Dark Which one are you?
Special Move Generator (428)
Special move generator.
You Are a Puella Magi! (403)
Kyuubey has chosen you to become a magical girl, and you accept and make a contract! What is your ma...
Your Wizard Staff (288)
You get a magical staff!
Your OC Creator (1,069)
Create your own OC (including magical stuff)
Black Clover Character (5,320)
You in Black Clover
Full-Time Magister Element Affinity (541)
Quanzhi Fashi
Fairy Tail Magic Power (996)
What is your destined magic tome? v.1.0 (478)
Magic tomes are enchanted books filled with great power. Some tomes find their ways to destined user...
What are you doing in Re:zero? (395)
What are you or what is your character doing in Re:Zero?
You are the Master Spell-Crafter! (323)
What kind of magick will you create today? The ingrediants can be tame... or terrifying!
What is your magic ability? (83,366)
Find out what your secret abilities are due to your name!
How Will Your Journey Begin? (602)
A great adventure lies ahead of you. Where will you go?
Fairy (817)
Find out what you would look like as a fairy :3
Magical Girl Persona (9,004)
Find out who your magical girl persona is!
Who teaches you magic? [Fairy Tail] (992)
Who taught you everything you need to know about magic and built up your strength?
Your Role in Fairy Tail (4,073)
Find out what your role is in the Fairy Tail universe owo
What Type of Witch Are You? (2,828)
find out what type of witch you are i didn't think you needed a description-
Fairy tail Guilds (1,060)
What Fairy Tail guild are you in?
Magical Girl Raising Project stat random... (4,345)
Find out what would be your stats as a MGRP magical girl. Includes magical talent inspiration. EDIT ...
Fairy Tail Random Class Generator (793)
Get a random rank in your guild.
Fairy Tail Magic Generator (19,770)
Get Random magic for your character
Your Alchemy Type (552)
Have you ever wanted to know that type of alchemy you would use if you were an Alchemist? Find out n...
What kind of wizard will you be? (504)
Take this test to find out your wizard powers!!!! The Dice granted by the dice lords will determine ...
What kind of WIZARD are you? (494)
What sort of practicioner of the arcane arts are you?
Which element can you bend? ATLA & L... (1,612)
Could you bend one of the 4 elements or...?
What do you do with your superpower (767)
Everyone has a hidden ability and this shindan is predicting what good thing you'll do with it ...
You as a mahou tsukai (250)
Everyone has an inner magical self that wants to awaken.
You as a Hogwarts student (9,310)
yur a wizard
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