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1. Hiedra (9)
She will do anything necessary to reach the light
2. Your Human Animal Boyfriend~😘 (139)
Find the perfect half animal, half man for you!
3. What Kind of Relationship Do Your OCs Ha... (59)
Having trouble with deciding on what kind of relationship your ocs have? Look no further!
4. How gay r u?????? (333)
see above
5. What RWBY ship are you the love child of... (213)
Love Child - Person born to a couple who is unmarried. Don't know a ship? Google it.
6. Enstars Ship Maker (20)
Make some ships and find out why they happened.
7. Felling good (17)
Hello friend I'm full happy and bindas boy any time and any situation
8. pioggia (5)
9. PSO2 Waifu (46)
Waifus in SPACE.
10. Maximilian (16)
I'm stacked
11. ben (14)
i like it
12. oh yes good (21)
there is one boy named Bae Jinyoung and his bestfriend Park Jihoon which is also known as winkdeep.
13. Jimins girlfriend (19)
Read now
14. Ur Boyfriend In BTS (1,209)
About who ur boyfriend in BTS, try it!
15. Jaehyun (26)
Is my husband or nit
16. emalee (3)
17. Random Ship Generator (134)
Generates a random character paring. All entries are gender neutral so you decide gender.
18. What did you do with bts during vacation... (142)
You bump into bts on vacation and one of the members pulls you into a room and closes the door
19. your cross gene boyfriend (79)
Who is your bf in cross gene
20. Your day6 boyfriend! (191)
Jae Brian wonpil dowoon and sungjin
21. donnika (1)
outgoing, kind, funny
22. Taemin (67)
Dancer, introvert, talented, shy, singer, foodie
23. Be the idol (902)
I want be idol but my parent have't agree
24. Aisy (1)
taehyung 💕
25. lisa (9)
26. peggy (21)
27. Are you loved by God? (126)
Does God love you?
28. What kind of daddy are you? (268)
Find your inner dadsona
29. What type of Daddy are you? ;) (237)
Wink wink
30. Miss Cactus 2.0 (13)
# Simpleyetbeautiful.
31. Before Im fallen from this jerk (23)
none i just want to make a story......
32. Is you gay? (291)
is you????
33. Does Jesus love you? (264)
34. What type of hentai will you be in? (738)
35. what does peanut think of u (49)
all hail almighty peanut
36. Your Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes girlfrien... (473)
Your waifu in FE2/FE15
37. Your Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes boyfriend (284)
Your husbando in FE2/FE15
38. YohaRiko (18)
Yoshiko and Riko
39. yooo (12)
40. Voltron pairing (44)
Which is your Voltron ship?
41. kath (10)
42. Fate G/O Waifu (533)
Join the Waifu Crusade!
43. Ace00 (3)
44. how sexually appealing are you (414)
I G fagtopian_prince
45. Which Osomatsu Brother Will Sleep With Y... (51)
Find out with Osomatsu brother will sleep with you tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT A SCAM HE WANTZ U SDOV B...
46. who's your girlfriend (beta)? (108)
which lovely girl will you date today!!!
47. who should you bang (943)
Find out who you should bang
48. Furry Senpai Generator (748)
What would your senpai be?
49. Does anybody like you? (2,627)
Find out today... (UPDATE 5/11/17) (as in tags - it's about romantic/sexual love, not friends!)
50. How Gay Is Your Character??! (451)
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