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1. yooo (10)
2. Voltron pairing (16)
Which is your Voltron ship?
3. kath (6)
4. Fate G/O Waifu (226)
Join the Waifu Crusade!
5. Ace00 (3)
6. how sexually appealing are you (328)
I G fagtopian_prince
7. Which Osomatsu Brother Will Sleep With Y... (43)
Find out with Osomatsu brother will sleep with you tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT A SCAM HE WANTZ U SDOV B...
8. who's your girlfriend (beta)? (66)
which lovely girl will you date today!!!
9. who should you bang (669)
Find out who you should bang
10. Furry Senpai Generator (196)
What would your senpai be?
11. Does anybody like you? (2,502)
Find out today... (UPDATE 5/11/17) (as in tags - it's about romantic/sexual love, not friends!)
12. How Gay Is Your Character??! (433)
13. !!NSFW!!EXPLICIT!!! 18+ Your mythical Pl... (2,305)
NSFW 18+ You find yourself laying in the dirt...The Colosseums audience is pleased...They are praisi...
14. gfriend (187)
15. Anime-like love confession ?! (594)
What if you were an anime or manga character and were about to confess your love ?! Will you follow ...
16. The newest Family member of the culture (45)
My name is Brandon j Flowers, but many will now know me as Rakuto Wolfgang. I am a Japanese-Chinese...
17. Date with a Monster (423)
2, 4, 6, 8--I think it's time for a date. It's time to get ready for your special blind d...
18. Your Waifu-gami (990)
Which goddess has come to take you from your Waifu!?
19. Not title (57)
Not Description
20. sami (57)
Lonely angel
21. Perfect Husbando (504)
Generates a cute anime dude. From the same weeb who brought you Perfect Waifu.
22. your final fantasy boyfriend (487)
find out your final fantasy boyfriend from either 15, 13, 10, 8 or 7
23. ship generator (272)
Generates a random ship, you can choose what gender they are by yourself!
24. Which Mystic Messenger character fits wi... (263)
From the otome game "Mystic Messenger", there are eight possible people (including the sid...
25. What will you receive on White Day? (187)
What does your secret admirer have in store for YOU..?!
26. Natalie (82)
27. Which Nick Wilde's Catalina Cockpit... (22)
28. How Hot Are You? (The Real Deal) (276)
Feel free to do this.
29. Your Fire Emblem 9/10 Husband! (500)
See who your husband from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn would be!
30. Horoscope of the day! :D (1,207)
I hope you have a lovely day! :D
31. আগামী সপ্তাহ কি কি রাতের খাবার হবে যেনে ... (16)
আগামী সপ্তাহ কি কি রাতের খাবার হবে যেনে নিন
32. r u a retard? (113)
r u?
33. Sort of Shippy prompts (176)
sometimes angsty, sometimes silly, mostly ridiculous. Enjoy your day.
34. otp prompt/AU simulator (777)
all the cool kids are doing it. some are nsfw
35. Do you f*ck bugs? (436)
Well? Do ya? (This Shindan is 89% accurate.) #bugfucker2k17
36. Relationship Stats (MM) (2,875)
Did you catch enough hearts?
37. Your Boi Shakakur (49)
This diagnosis uses three lists to create somewhat complex sentences.
38. A Tasty Gum Bread Flavored (111)
Such a chewy bread-GUM!
39. Your Waifu in Gundam (315)
Waifus and Rohbits? Yay!
40. your disgaea soulmate(for girls) (63)
well? who is it??
41. your disgaea soulmate(for guys) (117)
who is your girlfriend from disgaea?
42. what type of finger gun are you (440)
everyone put ur guns away or the stupid website gets it
43. how sexy is your ass (283)
have fun kids
44. which paladin of voltron loves you (345)
who u marrying son
45. MHA Class 1-A Ship Generator (28)
High probability of yaoi ships. You have been warned.
46. MFW bf scenario (48)
My forged wedding party random boyfriend scenarios.
47. Love Live ship scenario (327)
A random ship scenario made totally at random.
48. SLBP: weird scenario (14)
Weird scenarios from ur favourite sengoku lords from SLBP (Samurai Love Ballad Party)
49. NuAGE PROJECT Love Confessions! (28)
You've confessed your love to a Phoenix Idol -- how do they react?
50. Love Live Relationship. (Muse) (253)
Your relationship with a certain member of Muse~ (excluding hanayo. hanayo's dead.)
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