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1. A Tasty Gum Bread Flavored (27)
Such a chewy bread-GUM!
2. Your Waifu in Gundam (50)
Waifus and Rohbits? Yay!
3. your disgaea soulmate(for girls) (22)
well? who is it??
4. your disgaea soulmate(for guys) (35)
who is your girlfriend from disgaea?
5. what type of finger gun are you (184)
everyone put ur guns away or the stupid website gets it
6. how sexy is your ass (201)
have fun kids
7. which paladin of voltron loves you (98)
who u marrying son
8. MHA Class 1-A Ship Generator (16)
High probability of yaoi ships. You have been warned.
9. MFW bf scenario (20)
My forged wedding party random boyfriend scenarios.
10. Love Live ship scenario (204)
A random ship scenario made totally at random.
11. SLBP: weird scenario (9)
Weird scenarios from ur favourite sengoku lords from SLBP (Samurai Love Ballad Party)
12. NuAGE PROJECT Love Confessions! (20)
You've confessed your love to a Phoenix Idol -- how do they react?
13. Love Live Relationship. (Muse) (104)
Your relationship with a certain member of Muse~ (excluding hanayo. hanayo's dead.)
14. Mys Mes Ship Opinions (233)
Someone gives their opinion on You x MM Character.
15. Mys Mes Relationships (607)
Matching you with your lover, best friend, enemy, etc.
16. Mystic Messenger Relationship Status (362)
In a broad sense...
17. What is your sexuality? (1,002)
Check what is your sexual orientation.
18. Match Date Love [AMD] (93)
วันหนึ่งของสัปดาห์คุณไปร่วมนัดบอร์ดของคลับลับจาก เว็บหนึ่งแห่งหนึ่ง จะด้วยเหตุผลอะไรก็ตาม คุณอาจจะตั...
19. sense8 spouse (22)
who you marryin brah (includes some minor characters)
20. Selsel (11)
21. Generate Your About Me! (439)
Making your about me? It can be hard to learn to be politically correct from reading quality journal...
22. Gaile (15)
23. aesthetic maker (368)
gives you an aesthetic yay
24. harry potter soulmate (115)
find that special someone hehe
25. Mingyu my namjachingu (26)
Sweet Couple
26. Your FFXV partner! (1,594)
which character in FFXV is your lifelong partner?
27. who is ur bts sugar daddy (234)
this is cool too
28. Who is your SEVENTEEN Friends with Benef... (125)
this is cool
29. Who's your voltorn soulmate? (155)
Who's your voltron soulmate!?
30. Why you are cute! (1,168)
Find out why you're cute! Version 2: Its nicer!
31. your sf9 mans (82)
who's ur boi
32. What do the Love Live Sunshine girls Thi... (237)
33. How cute/cool are you? (502)
34. Hoseok the Sub (42)
Jung hoseok is a sub he may be a switch but he is a subby switch
35. Jade (19)
36. Elsword Crush (104)
Who likes you and who you like. Includes all classes.
37. what cryptid is ur soulmate (97)
meet single cryptids TODAY on
38. all about the love (91)
a girl what is nice inteligent and beautful her personality is good
39. You meet a Soccer Spirits character! (93)
What will happen when you meet a character from Soccer Spirits? only 5-6* characters of both genders...
40. Who's your Soccer Spirits Husbando? (329)
Only 5-6* characters included.
41. Who's your Soccer Spirits Waifu? (573)
only 5-6* characters are included.
42. WJSN Crush (58)
which wjsn member has a crush on you? and who is your crush? Lets find out!
43. Jason Vorhees (89)
44. Kyla (13)
45. What is your relationship with WJSN? (256)
find out what your relationship with the wjsn girls are
46. Who is your WJSN girlfriend? (173)
find out who your wjsn girlfriend would be
47. Which 1 of Blender's awful kinks ar... (52)
this is supposed to be cringy
48. Are you a top or a bottom? (1,807)
Title says it all
49. Which of my OCs are you dating? (67)
dont look at me
50. Does Wolffmama love me? (28)
It is a question many wonder about.
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