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1. Create a RWBY ship (48)
Randomied RWBY ships.
2. Drakengard/NieR Waifu (56)
An alternate ending featuring you and the waifus!
3. Licy (10)
4. Pokémon NPC Waifu (132)
Up to date with all waifu-tier NPCs!
5. Create a Male Idol. (57)
only generates male characters. based off of idol games. millions of possibilities.
6. Whom is ur hot furry animal boyfriend (154)
Whom is ur hot furry animal boyfriend And what will we do 2 u
7. OTP Love Child [RWBY] (79)
Find out who you’re the Love child of!
8. Enryu (14)
9. Slice of life anime generator (108)
generates the main character and the basic plot. millions of possibilities.
10. self-insert fanfic generator (140)
Write down the name of the romantic interest, not your own.
11. Your endowment roll (78)
The result of your endowment roll (2d6)
12. Your wedding with an utaite (64)
What ur wedding(plus honey moon)would be like with an utaite(very random as heck) (I might add more ...
13. jiminsalts (10)
i license jimin
14. ( For SirSharko ) How Hot are you irl? (38)
to see how hot u r
15. who's your government assigned fict... (300)
You. Are. Valid. -- inspired by
16. Who is ur overwatch gf? (110)
I'm gay
17. Alex Sh (10)
I’ll kill a nigga before I beef wit em
18. A3! crush (48)
Act! Addict! Actors!
19. Touhoulover (44)
20. Which McNair Student Likes you? (18)
kill us
21. IdkkkkkkkkkK (8)
22. do you wear diapers (109)
*tthe sound of my diaper crinkling as i run towards you*
23. Your Kpop Husband 2 (133)
Includes members from BTS, EXO, Seventeen, Got7, and Bigbang
24. gayness (176)
how gay u be
25. OC BIRD (46)
26. Your Waifu... (310)
Will tell what waifu you like... Most Probably...
27. Which Nick Cave Descriptor Are You? (21)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds boasts a creative collection of characters in their songs. You're...
28. banyaro ship maker (28)
its yaoi time™
29. จับคู่ Ryben Universe ! (32)
สุ่มจับคู่ระหว่างคาร์เฮนรี่ และเบน เผื่อใครจะอยากผลิตเพื่อเรือของเราค่ะ!!
30. Be the Waifu! (1,744)
An improved version of "You're the Waifu"!
31. Who are you on The Maury Show? (43)
Are you The Cheater? Are you the baby daddy? Are you Maury Povitch? Find out now!
32. Are you a peach or a cup of coffee (44)
The age old question... find out now!
33. Your Edgy Username (256)
34. Random Ship / OTP Maker (68)
A simple OTP maker Designed mostly for myself and my friend
35. Who would you be cucked by?// (295)
Who would cuck your waifu/love from you?
36. Goldfish (26)
37. Please ____ My ____ (233)
Please ____ My ____
38. Gumiki (17)
Is a shy and destructive person is also creative once you know more thoroughly you realize that is m...
39. As Waifu (234)
Short, moody, drawing
40. my future exo husband (50)
who's my future exo husband
41. Who like you as like bts (86)
A simple diagnosis that uses just one list.
42. Blackswan144 (1)
43. stress (22)
kelebihan stress
44. Chicaru (5)
45. I dunno lel (30)
I dunno lel
46. Cage (40)
47. Software Developer (22)
Apaan sih ini?
48. Katsumi (13)
49. a trash (34)
I LOVE **** S****
50. Your Fortune0000001 (21)
This diagnosis uses three lists to create somewhat complex sentences.
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