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1. ♡ Your Gestalt Romance! ♡ (32)
♡ Enter your name to have a romantic encounter with a character from Gestalt! ♡
2. Yuri on ice yaoi shippers (17)
For all you Yuri on ice fans enjoy 😘😘😘
3. What Josh are you? (28)
Have you ever thought, which Josh am I? Well, now your ponderings will be answered
4. Boy (36)
Your anime boy form
5. Polyester (11)
A individual made out of fabric. Rather self centered, hates leftists, doesn't have many moral ...
6. how do you pass away in ddlc? (171)
how do you pass away in doki doki literature club? (spoilers + violence ahead!)
7. Eriku (6)
8. What your Fortune says about you (160)
This diagnosis uses three lists to create somewhat complex sentences.
9. Will you ever get a girlfriend? (121)
Use this quick survey to check if you are ever going to find your match...
10. spending the day with loona (22)
i love 12 girls
0 Love by @99sbin
11. Chance Meetings (104)
How did you meet your big gay furry boyfriend, and what is he like? (Don't use this for straigh...
12. Riz (1)
i'll do my best
13. Your Life With CNBLUE (25)
your life with CNBLUE
14. Whip or Nae Nae? God&039;s Judgement (28)
What path does the power in the highest have in store for you?
15. Who is your stray kids boyfriend (80)
16. Your relationship with Stray kids. (145)
Discover who you truly are.
17. Your future husband [Wanna One] (278)
your handsome husband
18. LeleHoldPlum (1)
Hi bitchh
19. Chanyeol&039;s wife (54)
Sehun's girlfriend
20. What is your Love life involving NCT 127 (166)
Uhh random? Lmao
21. Who’s your Stray Kids boyfriend? (511)
Find out who your boyfriend is from Stray Kids!!
22. Who is your Astro soulmate? (164)
Find out who is your ASTRO soulmate with this simple diagnosis!
23. Ausapa (0)
24. Who&039;s my boyfriend in Wanna One (187)
Your xx score
25. Birthday with EXO (152)
How will you celebrate your Birthday with EXO members?? Check this out.... Just for fun okay ^.^
26. EXO Couple (662)
Your EXO's future
27. BTS’s boyfriend (1,585)
hehehe have fun
28. Boomboom (40)
29. Your relationship with bts (2,657)
Have fun ~~~
30. Twice is Queen of Kpop (26)
TWICE take the trophies everyday until JYP ENT got no 1 in THE BEST ENT
31. Syl (2)
32. Who is Seventeen to Lily? (77)
33. Beatrice (9)
34. Dinarnoona ft. Wanna One (18)
35. Tuanxstacy (0)
Lol idk
36. Relationship with my happiness wanna one (198)
Unlucky wannable which is really want to meet wanna one
37. — romance w/ sf9 ! 💌 (246)
your love life with sf9 lies a mystery.. find out here!
38. UNIT BLACK as Family (81)
Lovely Family with Unit Black
39. meilida wanna one (10)
wanna one
40. Your relationship with idol producer (bi... (807)
41. Kpop idol (294)
All about kpop member and someone can be my future
42. Your relationship with k-pop girls (386)
43. Who&039;s your husband and son? (5,660)
bangtan and wanna one cast uwu
44. Your relationship with pentagon (345)
Discover your relationship with pentagon!
45. Your relationship with stray kids (1,567)
Guess stray kids' members roles in your life!
46. TheEastLight. family (34)
Your family with TEL members! Just for fun :)
47. TheEastLight. relationships 2.0 (33)
What is your relationship with TEL members? (Didfferent options) Again, just for fun!
48. Birthday with Wanna One (865)
How will you celebrate your Birthday with Wanna One members?? Check this out.... Just for fun okay ^...
49. TheEastLight. relationships (36)
TEL version, just for fun! (Let's pretend they're not babies anymore for a few seconds).
50. who is your unb soulmate (131)
stan unb
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