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1. Love me for who I am (4)
Love conquers all. Do you believe?
2. lil pump (31)
hope yall injoy
3. Who will you date? (For Women) (41)
Do you want to know who’s gonna be your lover once you finally get out of college because you had no...
4. the Eternity of Gold (12)
so that Haru the part-time heroine can using keyblade to can opened in the gate on the realms of lig...
5. One Night Out (45)
It's Friday night and all the contestants are heading to Yiffé, the hot new gay bar in town. Yo...
6. who is your gotard valentine (49)
find out who ur gotardian valentine is this year #gamerchristmasmonth
7. Random warlord-sona generator (94)
To draw, just for fun times
8. Lukezman (3)
Tall slim boy
9. a/b/o omegaverse (291)
find out if you are alpha beta or omega
10. Madoka Magica Character Creator (125)
Become a Madoka Magica Girl!
12. OTP situation generator (84)
Now! Coming today! Watch YOUR favourite ship come to life in these AMAZING adventurers!! BUY NOW
13. Kev (1)
Dabs lot
14. Dong Gong (8)
The sexiest hunk know to the universe xd
15. Nama jeff (2)
Coolest dude around
16. Arv (0)
17. issei (3)
18. Shinoru (3)
19. Why i am here (37)
20. Sexual Mood (308)
Not sure if you should top or bottom or switch? Unsure if you should be a dom or sub or both? We...
21. soft k-idols (boys ver) (54)
the boys are back in town (bts, exo, stray kids, 7oc, ptg, svt, nct127, mx, day6, wanna one, astro)
22. soft k-idol (girls ver) (23)
women. (girls from bp, twice, clc, momoland, rv, pristin, elris, exid, and gfriend, more to be added...
23. whats your position (1,751)
are you a top... bottom......... or.. something else
24. What&039;s your government assigned kin ... (215)
Get your kins/crush here.
25. being soft with idols (44)
uhhh only groups i stan (twice, rv, mx, sk, exo, bts, day6. svt, astro, clc, bp, wanna one, pristin,...
26. Child-Friendliness - How much do you lov... (33)
0-100% range on how much you like the girl, a.k.a. me~
27. Weeaboo Tavern Dating (24)
Which member of the Weeaboo Tavern will you date? A hunky bartender? A regular tavern-goer? The head...
28. SuJu Classroom (10)
You're in a class with Super Junior! What will happen? (ot15)
29. Seventeen Classroom (31)
You're in a class with Seventeen! What will happen?
30. BTS Classroom (46)
You're in a class with BTS! What will happen?
31. waifu statistics (108)
Are your Waifu stats gonna be good?
32. jiiminn (8)
33. What Will Your Future Husband Be Like? (67)
What your future husband will *probably* be like~
34. Exo Classroom (28)
You're in a class with Exo! What will happen?
35. how adorable are u (89)
made by me
36. What your senpai thinks of you (58)
37. Who is your perfect anime Boyfriend? V2 (74)
Find out!
38. Ghostdoggo (12)
I don't know
39. wolfie (58)
lil pup
40. เผยความในใจ2017 (40)
กิจกรรมคริสต์มาส2017 EKA
41. Would you survive with Yuno as your wife... (136)
Would you survive with Yuno Gasai as your wife?
42. Character Information (107)
Name: Owari Mounoshiki Eye color: Black Hair color: Black Hairstyle: Like Kirito's Reputation: ...
43. Character Info (60)
Name: Owari Mounoshiki Eye color: Black Hair color: Black Hairstyle: Like Kirito's Reputation: ...
44. Who’s Your Nyo/Hetalia Soulmate? (103)
Features roughly all countries; 2P ver, Nyo ver, 2P Nyo, and normal.
45. What does your name reveal about you? (141)
Know what your name reveal about you.
46. MidnightDevilAngelshinzo (6)
Fun, crazy, diabolical, yet nice
47. myromeo (38)
Just fun!!!
48. how gay are you (and what abilities do y... (379)
eat pant
49. What Item Represents Your Ship? (160)
This can be used for single characters as well!
50. your boy name (142)
come here for naming baby """BOY"""
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