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OTP fluff scene generator (53)
I don't know if this will make anything reasonable but let's do it for science ok?
HC Generator (29)
To help us on slow days
Bonnie bell (4)
es una chica que le gusta la guitarra por sus padres
A Fluffy Date with an Utapri boy!! (380)
Unlike a certain other person's shindans (looking at you @grinnsley) this one is going to be pu...
Dullahan (25)
Headless boi
Papa grizzly (15)
Weird and basic
Who is your Bloodborne boyfriend? (61)
winky face
Who&039;s your boyfriend? (41)
find out your dream boy friend!
kaia (1)
Who is Your Toradora Waifu? (31)
toradora is epic
Janana241 (3)
your mom1111111 (72)
Missejw (4)
Do I Love Ritsu (12)
Find out if you love a [stupid] coconut head
bun (5)
What will Flynt do with you? (80)
See here what my OC Flynt will do with you, hehe~ warning slightly [NSFW]!
Your TRUE Sexuality? (81)
Have fun with this because I DON'T KNOW THIS IS MY FIRST ONE IM Bored
Waifu/Husbando levels (66)
See whether you're a waifu or husbando and how good you are in each category
whos your future lover? (405)
whats your lover like? i dunno, probably like this!
South park Otp generator (23)
South park
WHAT AM I DOING?????? (81)
Bara Furry Generator (131)
Gives you a bara furry.
XX Score (7)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "XX Score."
Bed Stats (241)
How you as a female would be in bed
aryanna (0)
idk what this is
Joonie (3)
Madeleine (1)
i actually am confused lol (10)
Shawn Mendes (3)
Tall, white male. A
Nicole Taylor (1)
Livin life with liv (0)
i like the color blue
big cheese with bigger cheese (15)
big cheese
Taylor Guthrie (0)
Lilylilyily (3)
0 Love by @ivytusk
Alexa (0)
enengy (0)
not sure what this is
Eyo (0)
Demiyah (0)
Brieanna (1)
chloxmc (0)
This diagnosis uses three lists to create somewhat complex sentences.
0 Love by @chloxmc
Aoife (2)
Shaddai The Hidden Ninja (4)
Shaddai a young girl, who has lost her twin brother goes undercover as him and joins their village v...
Friend/Bang/Foe: Iron Leaguer (18)
Because I saw an askmeme on Tumblr and I felt like it. ...I've put almost everyone in it.
Lilli (1)
Tristan Breathh (1)
Girl, D Cup
i’m kool (1)
kenz (0)
idek man
Scoot (3)
You cant stop scooting, all the walls, in school, everywhere you go you scoot.
your mom (3)
I'm straight
Cadenceismyname (0)
I am cadence
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