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1. How much of each dere are you? (29,703)
Yan? Tsun? Kuu? See which way you lean most when loving your symbol of affection.
2. what does μ's think of (2,194)
theres already one i think but im makin one with more results AND daily changes
3. You're best features (1,836)
What people like/love about you
4. who should you bang (655)
Find out who you should bang
5. What sort of people do you attract? (12,169)
Your uniqueness has made you popular among a certain group~
6. Senpai Says (92,081)
If senpai DID notice you...
7. Who likes you?... (56,440)
Hmmm... is it a hot/cute person? Let's see! :D
8. Ultra Waifu Genarator (Part 1) (4,445)
Face description
9. Beauty-meter: how beautiful are you? (2,934)
Tells how beautiful you are. The machine might be rude from time to time, feel free to kick it as it...
10. How Likely Are You To Die Alone? (2,531)
Will you ever find love?
11. Lets learn about your future (1,486)
Tell you what you are going to do.
12. Gayness level (35,033)
Check how gay you are.
13. OTP prompt generator (30,704)
Type in OTP/Pair/Character names! makes better sense if written ' character ' AND ' ...
14. What's your fetish? (27,821)
Discover your hidden fetish!
15. What you look like as anime? (26,853)
Your anime self!
16. Husbando Meter (26,681)
What is your percentage as a husbando? (`・ω・´)
17. Ensemble Stars Love Confession (11,591)
You've confessed to one of the Enstars boys! How will he react?
18. How'd Your Relationship End? (8,152)
Rookies are busy these days and can't have girlfriends. How did your break up end?
19. What type of -dere are you? (6,875)
Type in your name to find out which -dere you are (tsundere, yandere, dandere, kuudere, deredere,...
20. A Letter From your Crush (6,236)
you got 1 new message. A short message but really important. Follow for updates: https://twitter....
21. What is your lolicon level? (4,536)
Test how big of a perverted lolicon you are!
22. Who is your Naruto lover? (3,940)
Who in Naruto are you dating?
23. Your Reaction to an Ugly Person (2,457)
How you will react when facing a really unattractive person
24. !!NSFW!!EXPLICIT!!! 18+ Your mythical Pl... (2,273)
NSFW 18+ You find yourself laying in the dirt...The Colosseums audience is pleased...They are praisi...
25. Crush (2,248)
26. Ultra Waifu Genarator (Part 2) (2,173)
The Body Part
27. Rejection meter (1,975)
how much does ur waifu/husbando reject u
28. Who Is Your Mlp Soulmate? (1,955)
29. what is the meaning of my name (1,917)
My name
30. How to make senpai notice you? (1,760)
Your guide to make senpai notice you...
31. How Cute are you? (1,586)
How cute are you? ouo
32. the meaning of my name (1,407)
My name' meaning in a certain topic.
33. How high your dream to get married with ... (1,311)
Curious? How many percent %
34. Do I have any chances for... (1,283)
for my crush to notice me?
35. Horoscope of the day! :D (1,205)
I hope you have a lovely day! :D
36. On a scale of 1 - 100, how hot are you? (1,154)
Being hot is based on a number you get from a completely random generator on the internet. Don'...
37. Who's your Fairy Tail BF? (614)
Find out what fairy tail man is yours ;)
38. What do the Love Live Sunshine girls Thi... (481)
39. How Successful Can Your Ship Be? (80,343)
Put "[Character 1] x [Character 2]" into the text box and see how much of a chance the shi...
40. Your Reaction to a Hot Person (64,177)
What you do when you see a hot opposite gender?
41. Who loves you? (59,737)
You are loved by someone in secret.
42. exo love (32,464)
a true story
43. Your Love Story in K-Drama (31,032)
Diagnoses your love story in Korean Drama
44. Your anime boy first kiss (26,733)
With who and how cool will be your first kiss? :3
45. Your Uke type (25,686)
Finds out what is your uke type
46. Does your crush like you? (25,355)
Diagnoses yes/no.
47. if you were an otome character (23,783)
friendly to all genders!
48. Your orgasm reaction (22,476)
What do you do when you have an orgasm?
49. How canon is your OTP (22,443)
Input as: AxB, or AB.
50. Intimacy stats! (NSFW) (20,707)
Get your personalized intimacy stats, and finally figure out what type of lover you are~
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