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Diagnoses on the theme of [kurobas].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Your Lucky Item of the day (61,946)
Ask Midorima Shintarou for your lucky item of the day nanodayo!
Who is your Husband / Wife? (22,484)
[Kuroko no Basket] Who will be your Husband and your Wife? lol
Kuroko no Baske Confession (20,711)
You finally confessed to your crush! How does it go?
Your Kiseki no Sedai date (19,957)
Who is your date from kiseki no sedai?
Morning with Kurobasu (16,251)
Why are you in my bed?
How would you look in kurobas? (12,078)
Might be fun to draw it out! Note: characters generated are males.
11 Kurobas
Your ____ is too dim (11,815)
Everything is too dim
Kuroko no Harem (8,577)
Who's in your harem ?
Your Teikou Story (8,479)
Let the rainbow guide you.
Your Kuroko no Basuke Family (8,453)
What kind of basketball family do you have?
Your KnB NSFW plot (8,407)
A random KnB NSFW plot involving you
Kuroko no Basuke Smut (8,349)
Extended version of Kiseki no Sedai Smut, with more characters and results.
Akashi Seijuro Smut (5,143)
This omg yes yes yes
Relationship (4,493)
[KuroBas] What the Relationship... [BL]
Aominetter (3,887)
The only one who can shindan me is me.
Your day in Kuroko no Basuke (3,837)
Your day in Kurobas!
kurobas dare (2,845)
kurobas dare shindan
Sexy Times With Touou! (2,190)
and last but not least! bet u thought i was done B)
Sexy Times With Seirin! (1,687)
just as the title says! your sexy times with the seirin boys~
Kotaro Hayama Smut (1,227)
Might as well give everyone in Rakuzan High their own shindan so have some Kotaro Hayama hohoho.... ...
Sexy Times With Rakuzan! (1,177)
youre dang right im doing all the teams this is a public service
Sexy Time With Kaijou! (1,163)
as the title says!
Mubichi Reo Smut (1,123)
Happy birthday Eru-sensei this is a Mibuchi Reo Shindan for you, hope you enjoy....
Life with Ogiwara Shigehiro (1,046)
How will you spend your time with Ogiwara?
Sexy Times With Yosen! (971)
back at it again with my nasty ass self eyyy (☞=∀=)☞
Kuroko no Basket Random Situation 2 (872)
Just DO IT!!!
Your Kuroko no Basuke Life! (572)
What life will you be living if you were in Kuroko no Basuke? Find out now!
Kurobas Date (198)
Find out how your date with a Kuroko no Basuke character goes!
Your KnB Family and What School You Ente... (190)
Includes the coaches and Alex. (Also Nash and Silver) Notes: I'm not inserting all of the chara...
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