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Diagnoses on the theme of [kpop].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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who&039;s your bts daddy??? (67,117)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
what&039;s your compatibility with nct d... (41,707)
who’s your kpop boyfriend (2,529)
let’s find out your kpop boyfriend
What&039;s your compatibility with EXO? (15,460)
Check your compatibility with the members of EXO.
who is bts to you? (55,065)
relationships in bts
ur stray kids compatibility ? (33,616)
is felix gonna fortnight dance w u or yeet u into the next existence? find out :)
your life as a K-Pop idol (78,000)
Are u gonna be a vocalist or a visulal?
How compatible are you with your bias? (3,038)
Instead of putting in your name, put your bias'
what&039;s your compatibility with nct 1... (72,329)
Your Korean Name! (66,730)
Get a Korean name here~! (Both masculine and feminine included)
Your BTS Boyfriend (REAL NOT FAKE) (80,602)
Who is your boyfriend in BTS?
who likes you (kpop males)? (111,401)
which kpop male members like you. one from each group.
ur compatibility with got7 ? (23,699)
let’s go shoebills ...
what girl group energy do you give off? (108,591)
which girl group do you vibe with the most
living with bts (23,000)
omg bts comeback is real i’m dying
who in bts attacked you? (7,633)
you’ve been attacked 😩
Your relations with Stray Kids! (28,474)
Find out your relationship with Stray Kids for fun! XD
Your NCT relations (46,938)
Find out your relations with NCT (OT21) for fun! XD
Relationship with X1 (36,638)
Let's be delusional just this once XD Inspired by this en.shindanmaker.com/783780
what do skz think of you (17,196)
can we get an f in the chat
your A.C.E compatibility (817)
stan A.C.E
Who is your idol soulmate? (116,310)
Find out who you're compatible with
how do you meet your ult? (48,501)
scenarios for meeting your ult bias
Your compatibility with by9 (105)
Check your compatibility with the members of BY9, dear9!
svt energy (11,206)
which seventeens have u absorbed
your compatibility with ab6ix (1,806)
Which boygroup should you stan next (708)
Which kpop group you should stan?
your life as an kpop idol (110,115)
have fun! :D
Who in Stray Kids do you share a braince... (21,093)
Pretty self explanatory tbh
your WAYV compatibility! (14,688)
what's your compatibility with wayv?? let's find out!
who will you marry in x1? (494)
who's your future husband~
Your SKZ soulmate (2,586)
Find who your soulmate is :D
which nct subunit are u? (222)
127: 10 dreamies: 10 wayv: 0 nct u: 10 congratulations, ur mark lee
your x1 boyfriend (943)
who in x1 is your boyfriend~?
Your ACTUAL BTS Bias! (8,939)
Maybe your bias will change...
who in bts is oomf (4,833)
~ ATEEZ energy ~ (16,741)
what members of ateez do you have similar energy to?
— your life with nct (15,255)
hEY I’m bAck ;)
what’s your compatibility with exo? (35,551)
have fun uwu
your kpop family (65,636)
hehe :) [updated]
x1 compatibility! (817)
who are you most compatible/least compatible with in x1?
Who is in your kpop friend group? (80,513)
I'm too lazy to list the groups included, so have fun!! Also if you get an idol twice, choose ...
school life with nct (26,004)
bts - draw your life (18,678)
nct 127 husband (11,627)
who will your mans be uwu
what do stray kids think of you? (8,499)
what do they think abt u :)
Your Monsta X Soulmate (1,427)
Who Is Your Monsta X Soulmate?
your NCT soulmate (ot21) (13,813)
at this point i'm just bored af
relationship with stray kids (12,459)
based off my nct one
Your Kpop Future (36,697)
Find out who you marry, how many kids you have, where you live, and who your BFFs are :)
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