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Diagnoses on the theme of [jpop].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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idol profile (23,122)
your profile as an idol group produced by Akimoto Yasushi. can find out your graduation reason here:...
When will you quit idol fandom? (3,292)
When and how you stop being a wota.
Graduation reason (2,318)
whats the reason?
Keyakizaka&039;s first kiss,gf & riv... (1,762)
Find out who is your first kiss, girlfriend & rival in keyaki!
Your AKB48 scandal! (1,575)
Involving current AKB48 members over 18yo.
Idol-tter (1,246)
What if you were a member of a gigantic Japanese female idol group?
What type of idols do you like? (1,190)
Find out your preference!
Your wota future (1,129)
What is your future as an idol fan?
Keyakizaka crush (1,107)
which keyaki member has a crush on you? and who is your crush? Lets find out!
Your keyakiza weakness (976)
find out your keyakizaka weakness
Which AKB48 member will become your oshi... (962)
Who will be your AKB48 oshimen?
Fated Husband (Arashi) (669)
You are meant to be with who?
Idol dealbreaker (660)
Idol quality that is a turnoff and dealbreaker for you.
Who is your ideal type? (629)
Which one of these Japanese idols is perfect for you?
duet with keyakizaka (566)
Which keyakizaka's member going to sing a duet with you and what will it be about
欅坂46メンバーとの関係ったー (523)
Nogizaka&039;s first kiss,gf & rival (514)
Find out who is your first kiss, girlfriend & rival in Nogizaka!
Idol prefectures (487)
Which region has your favorite idols?
Jpop or kpop? (374)
Your preference.
Nogizaka crush (370)
which Nogi member has a crush on you? and who is your crush? Lets find out!
I know both Keyaki&039;s members are dat... (287)
Just kidding
Your J&A Date (219)
you got a date w/ a johnnys boy. lets see what friday got on yall. [kusanagi tsuyoshi = tsuyopon, do...
Your BABYMETAL oshi?
your hopes for nogi&039;s 16th single (158)
what you hope for nogi's 16th single. just for fun
Your relations with ONE N&039; ONLY (155)
Just for fun 😂
Ponkotsu level (144)
find out your ponkotsu level! xD
Which Arashi member are you? (108)
Which member are you? LOL
J-tek Act That Describes You (98)
What J-tek/J-electro act describes you the best?
Your Idol Group (76)
Find the group you should be part of.
DD Double Confession (33)
Two DD会社 boys confess to you. What now? Inspired by this https://shindanmaker.com/407885
Your DD Date (31)
you got a date w/ a DD会社 boy. lets see what happened.
Your relations with GENJIBU (17)
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