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Idolish7 Impressions (4,453)
See what the Idolish7 characters think of you!
Your Chaotic IDOLiSH7 Scenario (2,292)
Time to put yourself in a chaotic situation in i7 ;) Contact me on Twitter if there are any problems...
idolish7 scenario maker (1,643)
don’t @ me
IDOLiSH7 kiss/marry/kill (614)
Which i7 characters do you kiss and marry, who do you kill?
Idol Manager (4,003)
You are now a manager, but which idol group is it?
Idolish7 Crush (3,498)
Which IDOLiSH7 character are you like? (3,070)
Inspired by Which Enstars character are you? The result will give you 4 characters. Make a poll and ...
IDOLiSH7 ship generator (1,554)
Generate some ships. Fall into rarepair hell. Suffer
Kinako & your Gacha Fate (746)
That's right. Kinako is now saving lives with this handy tool by telling you if you should scou...
New TRIGGER Group? (695)
You get to decide who is in the new TRIGGER group? Who do you choose?
New IDOiLSH7 group? (643)
There a new members in IDOiLSH7!? Who are they?
Idolish7 Relationships (627)
Your Relationships with Idolish7 characters
Which Idolish7 N Card are you? (296)
The title says it all!
Which IDOLiSH7 Character should you draw... (274)
not all the characters bc im too lazy to type that much
Your manager in IDOLiSH7! (258)
Who would be your manager in IDOLiSH7? Results change every day!
Which IDOLiSH7 Character Are You? (196)
Find out which IDOLiSH7 character are you?
What is your IDOLiSH7 card type? (161)
Find out what kind of card you are in IDOLiSH7! Results change every day! Not every result will make...
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