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Find our your VoDaVi stats! (4)
Looking to start your Idol career? Better check your skillset first!
you as an anime idol (145)
This maker will describe what kind of idol you are!!
What are you like as a KPOP IDOL? (330)
You can use this to see your strong and weak points as an idol, what your nationality would be, and ...
ur bts energy :D (1,936)
why did i do this ALSO the chart sometimes goes wack .. interpret it however u want it instead :/
who in got7 would beat u up (888)
grr fight time
who in skz thinks ur a clown (368)
i need sleep
nuest as your twt mutuals (47)
what if nu'est had twitter accounts?
Sakamichi Drawing Challenge (37)
Let's draw Nogizaka, Keyakizaka and Hinatazaka Member randomly! Play this and draw it! Have fun...
your own personal anime rhythm game (263)
put in ur name and ill create a idol rhythm game just for you
Your Idol Group (237)
Find the group you should be part of.
WJSN Eunseo x Random Male Idols (37)
Play this if you ship Eunseo x Male idols
You&039;re an ANGEL, and you&039;re.... (53)
Play this if you're certified Teen Top stans!
Are you a good idol ? (277)
Thanks to a radar graphic, this generator will reveal you if you are a good idol or not!
Kpop idol wow (90)
I wanna be a kpop and be very rich and famous
Your life as Kpop Idol (927)
How will you life as a Kpop Idol? (Contain Long Diagnostic Result!)
Your K-Pop Idol (212)
Who are you as a K-Pop idol??
bandori band mixer (194)
make a whole new band!
Uta no Prince-Sama - Return to Shindan L... (136)
It's been a while, hasn't it? What has been going on since we left? Time to find out...
Aikatsu! Magical Stage identity (146)
Know your AMS character! Who are you in this world of magical idols? Follow AMS on Instagram @aikat...
your kpop girl and boy (4,710)
results change daily!
your bts energy! (64,090)
find out which type of energy you radiate heehee
your stray kids energy! (4,644)
find out which type of energy you radiate!
your career as a kpop idol (124,676)
see title!
Cinderella Cingeki CD Generator (25)
A generator for creating a new CD in the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Little Stars! series for Cinder...
ur stray kids compatibility ? (41,335)
is felix gonna fortnight dance w u or yeet u into the next existence? find out :)
Idol profile kpop (414)
Your profile as a kpop idol
You as an idol~ (1,346)
What will be your position? When will it be?
what is your weki meki energy?? (132)
stan weki meki for better grades and clearer skin!
your verse 2 energy (1,281)
jj project r best boys
GOT7 cheering you on! (1,887)
ahgases never forget got7 love u!!!
Life as a Kpop idol! (408)
What will your life as a kpop idol looks like?
what’s your GOT7 energy (8,542)
stan talent stan GOT7
ur compatibility with got7 ? (26,497)
let’s go shoebills ...
how would u do in a produce 101 program (87,445)
whatever happens in the end just blame mnet
Hinatazaka46 Oshi (18)
Find your Hinatazaka46 oshi
kat big gay (13)
big gay = kat
kelsllslslsls (1)
your kpop soulmate! ♡ (1,373)
♡ Find your ideal K-Pop best friend in this accurate diagnosis! ♡
What would your strong points be as an idol?
New Seventeen Team! (541)
Who is in your new Seventeen team?
Japanese idol generator [fem.] (228)
A generator for female japanese idols. NOTE: The dates may be unclear (ex. February 31). If a date c...
K-pop idol generator [fem.] (404)
A generator for female kpop idols. NOTE: The dates may be unclear (ex. February 31). If a date comes...
who is your bts bias (truly) (562)
you should take this because honestly you probably don't know your TRUE bias and i do
0 idol by @skzmac
Johnny&039;s West Date (125)
How did you date with Jwest go?
Uta No Prince-Sama - A Night with Quarte... (938)
The title probably makes it sound suggestive and I'm sorry to dissapoint you, it's not (un...
which onyanko club member are you? (8)
an english version of this https://shindanmaker.com/834529 (also made by me). sorry i'm really ...
Your K-Pop Idol Life Quiz! (7,623)
See what your life would be like as a K-Pop idol!
IDOLMASTER Million Live Unit Generator (82)
A unit generator for Million Live.
Your Enstars Crush! (958)
Let's see who u like and and who likes u!
Tsukipro Date! (479)
You go on a date with a Tsukipro boy! Do you have a lovely fluffy date, or does something go wrong??...
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