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Diagnoses on the theme of [horror].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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SCP (1,718)
Contain Yourself
Candy Gore Prompt (648)
Drawing prompt
sweet candy guro (346)
a kind of guro-sona type thing...? i don't know
in the eyes of the horror film (54)
when all the odds are against you, and the killer lurks near, will you make it to the end with your ...
Which Creepypasta character are you? (1,481)
Which Creepypasta character are you?
Your Fate in Ib (3,045)
You are now stuck in the bizzare art gallery. What will be your fate?
Horror Trope-etter (795)
What's your horror trope?
What&039;s in Pandora&039;s Box? (56)
Best counselor for you on Friday the 13t... (42)
Find your best counselor! Play with it on Friday The 13th The Game
Goverment Assigned AoOni Kin* (24)
*not actually the onis this time tho the oni is still 1(one) result you can get.
Goverment Assigned Oni Kin (37)
and no i don't mean the characters. im talking abt the actual onis
Your Ao Oni fate (122)
first time making a shindan and what better way to start than by making one out of my biggest hyperf...
Boyfriend to Death Kin Assignment (88)
find out your cursed boyf kinnie assignment! dont know what Boyfriend to Death is? check it out @ bo...
Which Doki Doki Literature Club girl wou... (921)
this tells you which ddlc character you would be.
What kind of horror game fan are you? (239)
If you love survival horror games, this is the diagnosis for you! Don't get too upset at what y...
What kind of horror movie are you? (497)
We all love a good horror movie. However, horror is personal.
Your horror movie fate! (675)
Do you make it out alive, or are you just another victim???
Which Silent Hill monster are you? (308)
Which monster are you from the Silent Hill game franchise?
You in the Bizzare Gallery (1,031)
You are now stuck in the bizzare art gallery.
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