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The Homestuck Test (53)
Ultimate Homestuck Diagnostic (96)
Assigns the inputted name a lunar sway and God Tier.
Your Classpect and Land (114)
Ever wondered what it would be like if you played SBURB, or just want ideas for fan characters? Crea...
Homestuck Bloodswap AU (112)
Create a new AU with the main 12 Homestuck trolls. I thought this would be a cool use of Shindan...
Homestuck Thingy 2 (78)
Be a human I guess
Homestuck Thingy (109)
Be a troll I guess
whats your homestuck troll (109)
generates some traits for a troll
homestuck fankid generator (217)
gives a name (4-letter first), dream kingdom, age, and birthday
Replay Value God Tier Gen (54)
god tier generator lol
NON-AU God Tier Title Gen (69)
god tier generator lol
void session land gen (27)
homestuck land generator for void sessions
hero of hope land gen (13)
homestuck land generator for hope players
hero of light land gen (7)
homestuck land generator for light players
hero of void land gen (20)
homestuck land generator for void players
hero of breath land gen (11)
homestuck land generator for breath players
hero of time land gen (15)
homestuck land generator for time players
Who&039;s your Homestuck wife/husband (114)
homestuck waifus
homestuck fsmc (34)
fsmc means****suck marry cuck
Which hiveswap character are you? (177)
which hiveswap chara are you? includes the main game and friendsim uwu
extended zodiac generator (745)
generates an extended zodiac sign, all canon | how did nobody else come up with this till now??
Fantroll/trollsona generator (671)
yeh i tried to include the most i could so.......hope u enjoy!! blood color / horns / lusus / specib...
gov assigned homestuck kin [extended] (2,397)
pre and post scratch kids & trolls, + sprites, guardians n cherubs
gov assigned homestuck kin (785)
pre and post scratch kids & trolls
cursed homestuck/hiveswap tweet generato... (481)
prepare yourself for the worse. sometimes nsfw-ish, always cursed.
Trollsona Generator (1,198)
generates a Trollsona/Fantroll
Homestuck Character Gen (605)
Tired of actually giving a crap and trying to figure out what you would be like as a troll? Working ...
Wich Homestuck Troll Is Your Kismesis ? (114)
Discover your kismesis (troll)
Homestuck Name Gen (1,678)
Homestuck character name generator. This includes Kid names, troll names, and ancestor names. Many n...
Fantroll Generator (882)
Create a troll name and a fantroll will be generated!
Trollify Yourself (233)
Via chuckle-voodoos and ectobiological nonsense, this online system judges your name and figures out...
Fantroll Gen (312)
Put in a SIX letter name for your troll and get what they are!
Who is your Homestuck Blood-Swapped Girl... (268)
Let's find out who your blood-swapped girlfriend is! (This includes kid and species swaps like...
Who is your Homestuck Blood-Swapped Boyf... (236)
Let's find out who your blood-swapped boyfriend is! (This includes kid and species swaps like ...
Sburb Character Generator (530)
Learn your fate in the game of Sburb!
Homestuck Character AU Generator (529)
What should you draw/RP/write about in Homestuck?
Which Felt Member Are You? (255)
Homesuck, Homostuck.
SBURB Player Data Generator (1,354)
Generates a title, planet, denizen, consort species and dream alignment.
Which Homestuck character is your ideal ... (678)
May be little edgy but y'know...
Who Kills Who? Homestcuk Edition (503)
we know everyone dies in homestuck, but who did it, and with what?
Crackship Generator, Homestuck Edition (752)
self explanatory??
Your GodTier (3,232)
Muse and Lord isn't here, but all of the canon ones are here. Ones that have been used [EXAMPLE...
What your troll horns look like (5,663)
Help with making your homestuck troll oc. Havimg trouble with horns? I got you covered fam.
Elaborate Blood Colours (581)
Blood colours including but not limited to those of the trolls.
what homestuck character are you (1,927)
only the bata trollz
Land of ___ and ___. What&039;s your pla... (593)
Generates a Sburb Player's planet.
Are You A Gay?? (1,738)
Which Homestuck Character Likes You? (3,848)
Red, pale, and ashen quadrant possibilities. Includes all trolls and kids.
Homestuck Classpect (685)
Find out your Homestuck Classpect thingy
Homestuck World (599)
Your homestuck world :)
Jay&039;s Random Stuff Generator (492)
homestuck land? random objects/concepts? this is the place for you! we got everything from a table t...
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