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Diagnoses on the theme of [homestuck].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Troll Name Generator (110,527)
What's your Troll name?
Homestuck God Tier Generator (65,046)
God Tier title
Chumhandle/Trolltag Generator (58,466)
Who's pestering you?
Homestuck Introductionner (40,458)
Diagnoses your Homestuck introduction
What's Your Trickster Food? (33,184)
Find out what food your trickster mode would be themed!
Homestuck Troll Generator (30,044)
You as a troll
Fetch Modus & Strife Specibus (25,326)
Your fetch modus and strife specibus
Your Troll romance? (23,034)
Who are you with in the Homestuck Universe? What's your romance?
Lusus Generator (22,464)
What does your lusus look like?
What troll are you? (18,163)
Discover what troll you are(counting with the ancestors)!
What's your Blood Colour? (17,042)
Find out which blood colour you are amongst the trolls!(Uses coloUrs and mayhem blood colour names)
Homestuck Quadrants (15,716)
heehee :3
Homestuck Blood Color (14,727)
Diagnoses your blood color if you were a troll.
Godtier and Land Generator! (13,838)
Find out what your Homestuck godtier title and SBURB land would be!
What Hetalia country are your (10,613)
Go on an epic adventure with the lovely cast of Homestuck.
your god tier (9,152)
since i didnt see one goin around
Homestuck Quadrant-Filler (9,102)
Predicts who will be in what quadrant with you.
What's your Hero Title? (8,086)
What will you be when you get the tiger?
How will you die? MSPA stlye! (7,645)
Gives you an MSPA style death! Changes daily!
Discover your Homestuck OTP (7,298)
Find out your one true pairing
Get your Homestuck Quest! (6,431)
Become even more Homestuck.
What your troll horns look like (6,336)
Help with making your homestuck troll oc. Havimg trouble with horns? I got you covered fam.
AU Generator (6,109)
Alternate character maker for Homestuck.
*~*Homestuck Quadrants*~* (5,911)
Who is in your Quadrants?
Become a Homestuck! (5,500)
You will be come a Homestuck.
whats your secret otp (5,381)
secret otp in homestuck
Moirail (5,339)
Who's your moirail?
Who's your Homestuck Kismesis? (5,191)
Find out who your kismesis is.
Troll Name and Blood Color (4,867)
MSPA Shipping (?) Grid (4,366)
Input your name and get a ship!? (only canon characters)
How sign is your patron troll? (4,280)
Find the sign of your patron troll.
Which Homestuck Character Likes You? (4,105)
Red, pale, and ashen quadrant possibilities. Includes all trolls and kids.
What is your Homestuck OTP? (4,030)
Determines the homestuck pairing that your heart most desires.
Blood Colour? (3,999)
Put in your name to find out your blood color.
Blood Color (3,905)
What color is your blood?
SBURB Destiny (3,852)
Your fate from the game SBURB
gov assigned homestuck kin [extended] (3,653)
pre and post scratch kids & trolls, + sprites, guardians n cherubs
Hiding a Homestuck Secret? (3,589)
Only you knows this..
Troll Romance Shipper 1 (3,588)
Who is your Matesprit?
Homestuck (3,445)
How Homestuck Are You?
Your Homestuck ship fic (⊙‿⊙✿) (3,417)
What Homestuck pairing fanfic are you destined to write?
Your GodTier (3,414)
Muse and Lord isn't here, but all of the canon ones are here. Ones that have been used [EXAMPLE...
Find your Homestuck title! (3,381)
Find your Homestuck land and title!
Your SBURB Experience, Part 1 (3,231)
A randomized SBURB experience for Homestucks.
Sburb Title Generator (3,189)
Find your Sburb title.
Your Homestuck World (2,923)
Find out what your Homestuck world would be called
Tricksterlicious (2,773)
What would your Trickster Mode food be?
Your SBURB Experience, Part 2 (2,602)
What Homestuck Kid are you? (2,559)
of the alpha kids
Homestuck Troll (2,469)
Name, Blood, Horns, and Hair.
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