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Diagnoses on the theme of [girlgroup].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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which girl group are you? (5,233)
which girl group are you
Your Own Kpop Girl Group (1,708)
If you randomly assembled female kpop artists into a group, who would be in your group and what woul...
Which TWICE ship will you spend the nigh... (1,438)
You will have 3 options. Choose wisely...
what is your red velvet energy? (1,362)
who do u match with in red velvet
Which TWICE Music Video Do You Live In? (950)
Which TWICE music video do you live in? Which member are you in that music video? Find out. Korean m...
Which kpop girl are you closest friends ... (939)
Includes members from Twice, LOONA, CLC, and Red Velvet
Who in LOONA Hates Your Guts? (934)
We can’t all be loved no matter how hard we try. Someone in LOONA hates you and I’ll tell you why.
Which girl group fanbase do you belong t... (853)
Which girl group fanbase do you belong to?
Who is your bestfriend? (Girlgroup) (570)
Who is it?
Random kpop girl ship (3rd gen and up) (487)
Two random kpop girls shipped together a few times
ace of angels + you (443)
find out who of the AOA girls is destined for you
Which kpop girl are you? (329)
Which kpop girl are you?
100% real kpop gf scenarios (328)
will you yeet your new girlfriend out of her minecraft server? or will you cuddle her and pet her do...
Who&039;s your fromis_9 soulmate? (288)
Who's your fromis_9 soulmate?
Who&039;s your CLC soulmate? (254)
Who's your CLC soulmate?
which gg should u stan in 2020? (250)
yes. best girls
your lovelyz girlfriend (212)
hello lovelinus
Which girlgroup should you stan? (163)
Which girlgroup should you stan?
Which girlgroup song will be your weddin... (140)
Which girlgroup song will be your wedding song?
K girls as girls you know (113)
K girls as girls you know
Which SNSD&039;s member are you? (95)
Which member you would be if you were in SNSD
Who Should You Stan? 2.0 (86)
A government designated group you HAVE to stan.
Your GG Fanfic (69)
Your own fanfic featuring girl group idols :)
Who is your LOONA soulmate? (45)
Who is it?
dalshabet as girlfriends (33)
who is who in your life? (dalshabet version)
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