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Diagnoses on the theme of [game].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Your status as a servant (89,678)
Generates your status as a servant
Video Game of You (34,367)
A video game about yourself
10 Game by @Yirba
fate grand order family (32,311)
What kind of Servant and human family do you have? update 21/7/2020
Your Fate Grand Order NSFW plot (32,302)
Based on Your KnB NSFW plot the original here→https://en.shindanmaker.com/535316 , A random Fate Gr...
What Fate Grand Order Female will you ma... (25,374)
base off What Naruto character will you marry? the original here : https://en.shindanmaker.com/47617...
Fate Grand Order Female Confession! (22,471)
(based off the kurobasu and MAGI confession) You've built up the courage to ask out your favou...
Your Future Life with SUJU (17,413)
What will happen with your future life with suju?
Your Fate Grand Order Female Harem (17,085)
Who's Female in Fate Grand Order in your harem? (update at 19/2/2019)
Fate Grand Order Male And Female Interac... (10,859)
based on @TheUnhappyMeal , the original here→https://en.shindanmaker.com/363657 Some results I made ...
Fate/Grand Order Date♀ (10,021)
based off @dolceconaffetto , the original here→https://en.shindanmaker.com/336808 For Male , Which ...
What Pokémon are you ? (7,625)
What Pokémon are you ?
Fate/Grand Order Date♂ (6,935)
based on @dolceconaffetto , the original here→https://en.shindanmaker.com/465902 For Female , Which...
Fate Grand Order Female kiss time! (6,882)
based on Fire Emblem kiss time the original here→https://en.shindanmaker.com/720848 Who's fgo f...
Who is your best friend in Undertale? (6,373)
A little late to the party, but let's just see who will ended being your best friend. If anyone...
Fate Grand Order male Confession! (6,252)
(based off the kurobasu and MAGI confession) You've built up the courage to ask out your favour...
your ideal fate grand order servant part... (5,983)
Diagnoses your for your ideal fate grand order servant party. (update at 20/11/2018)
Your Fate Grand Order Reverse Harem (5,820)
Who's male in Fate Grand Order in your harem? update at 20/07/2018
Your Chaotic IDOLiSH7 Scenario (5,416)
Time to put yourself in a chaotic situation in i7 ;) Contact me on Twitter if there are any problems...
What Fate Grand Order male will you marr... (5,064)
base off What Naruto character will you marry? the original here : https://en.shindanmaker.com/47617...
Which FE:Fates do people see you as? (5,003)
Enter your name and put the options in the form of a poll, post it on twitter to see how everyone se...
Fate/Grand Order Date♀ Ver.2 (4,954)
Full updated version.2 of Fate/Grand Order Date♀→https://en.shindanmaker.com/763597 , Which Female S...
Complete Personas Generator (4,902)
This Shindan tells you what kind of Personas are you in Persona Series. it includes 1.Arcana 2.Skil...
Fate/Grand Order Date♂ Ver.2 (4,877)
updated version.2 of Fate/Grand Order Date♂→https://en.shindanmaker.com/763979 where will these Guy ...
NPC Companion Stats (4,356)
The latest big MMOs have been adding an NPC with your name! See how each implements you into the gam...
Vocaloid situation game (4,317)
find out what your situation is!
Your RPG Stats (3,943)
What are your RPG stats?
What&039;s Your Demonsona! (3,649)
There's a lot of Sona's out there, fur, cat, dragon, nurse ,witch, persona and now demon! ...
Persona 3 Love Story (2,719)
Your love story in Persona 3 (for girls)
which SDR2 character are you? (2,547)
which SDR2 character are you?
Fighting Game Character Generator (2,450)
Choose your Fighter! Rebel 1 ROCK ON!!
Your otome game! (2,441)
Which famous otome game is the most suitable for you?
Yet another damn RPG Shindan (2,439)
Find your class, level and alignment!
What is your quest? (2,413)
Maybe find the Holy Grail?
Your FNAF boyfriend/girlfriend!! (2,200)
i love fnaf and i love the animatronics so here you guys go............ i left out some so sorry.......
Your Pottermore OC (2,102)
Find out how your original character looks in Pottermore.
Enstars event prediction (1,916)
idk hahaha who need event prediction when u can be a productive member of society
You work as chef at hotel with fgo! (1,869)
This Shindan tells you What kind of you working as chef at with Servant and human? it includes 1.yo...
Robot anime maker (1,831)
Turns your name into a robot anime title.
SRW original robot name generator (1,694)
Generates an original robot name based primarily on SRW stuff.
Kinako & your Gacha Fate (1,681)
That's right. Kinako is now saving lives with this handy tool by telling you if you should scou...
which DR1 character are you?? (1,613)
which dangan ronpa (dr1 only) character are you
if you draw female from fgo in other art... (1,580)
what happen if you spend money to commission artist to drawing your favorite female character in fat...
Fantasy Caracter Generator (1,546)
Make a character for a story art whatever
What is Your Familiar? (1,474)
Many different animals can be familiars. What's yours? Includes a brief description and stats.
Who's your Morenatsu husbando? (1,393)
Only out of the original 9, no sub-characters!
What is your FFXIV Job and item level? (1,382)
Find out your FFXIV job, and how good your gear is!
If you were the Dmmd Protagonist [R18] (1,294)
What would your fate be if you lived in Dramatical Murders game as the protagonist with Scrap power?
Your Magical Weapon (1,225)
What would your magical weapon look like and what would it do? Includes a brief description and stat...
What if the aichuu&039;s confessed to yo... (1,220)
Find out how will an aichuu confess their love to you
I-chu producer&039;s death generator (1,141)
You die, killed by an I-chu. Find out who does it and how (results change daily)
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