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fur yourself! (79)
turn yourself into a furry, make a fursona, or whatever. feel free to change the data you got a litt...
Character Transformation Suit (129)
What Happens When You Wear a Character Fursuit And Turn You Into Your Favorite Character from Cartoo...
Furry OC/Fursona Generator (87)
Put in a random name, and this will generate
Your Furry Fetish Adventure (189)
What Happened When The Furry Fetishist (Including Pauli Edwards, Bob Gronso, Luna McHowl, etc.) Were...
Your character in Beastars! (295)
See how you'll do in beastars!
Furry vibe check (186)
Top? Bottom? Gay? Straight? come get your vibe checked!
Crush or Slush - The Predator Dating Sho... (364)
Welcome to Crush or Slush, the only dating show that pairs prey with predators to see if love can ov...
Arctic&039;s Personal TF Inspiration (pu... (428)
Public version of Arctic's private randomizer.
Whats Your Fursona? (4,458)
exactly what you expect
Furry Evaluator (130)
What kind of Furry are you, if at all?
Rask (14)
The vibe check of Rask.
What Does The Character Eat? (281)
When Your Favorite Character (In A Cartoon/Movie/Video Game/Book) Eats You (WARNING: NSFW) This is ...
Furry Ghost Detector (687)
If you use an uwuija board, what kind of furry ghost will come and possess you? And what will happen...
TF Tuesday Challenge (2,454)
TF artists, here's a fun challenge for you! Enter your own or an OC's name and draw yours...
minecraft furry build generator for mods (179)
generate some ideas for modded building
Dragon TF Potion (1,553)
Who will drink this questionable dragon TF potion? It hasn't been tested on humans yet, so it m...
Dr. Kitsune’s Latex Adventure (566)
What Happened When You Get Turned Into a Characters or an Animal or a Rubber Animals Using a Latex T...
Night In The Woods Character Maker (339)
Want to make a Night In The Woods character? Here's a place to gather up some ideas! Or just a ...
My Fart POV (296)
You Are Farting On Someone’s Face or Someone are Farting On You, You Like To Explore With Your Partn...
My Furry Vore Adventure (480)
If You Get Eaten or Someone Gets Eaten By You, You Might Just Get In Hunger or Someone Get In Hunger...
My TF (231)
What Happened When Turn Into Your Favorite Animal/Rubber Animal or Character
Your Monster Hunter transformation! (622)
During a hunt, you seemed to drink a tad too much.. (Will include VERY lewd or odd results!)
Someone you ate. (575)
Who was lunch for you today and will they be getting out?
Who&039;s eating you (687)
enter your name to see who/how they/why they ate you
Housamo Bara Drawing Ideas (NSFW) (409)
Do you love Tokyo Afterschool Summoners? Are you an artist? Don't have any ideas of your what t...
What&039;s your Popufur rank? (82)
Are you a Popufur? What are you even popular for? Find out why everyone is flooding your DMs with th...
Vs Pokemon Wrestler (552)
You are up against an anthro Pokemon Wrestler for the Championship Title. Who will you be up agains...
What happens after you drink BEASTMODE™ ... (1,177)
BEASTMODE™ is a super experimental muscle growth formula that is taking the world by storm. People a...
What is your furry emoticon? (625)
Is it OwO? UwU? -W-? or maybe nwn? We'll see
Vore Story Prompt Generator (390)
Need an idea for a vore story? Enter a name and give it a whirl! This generator will create two char...
Gryn Is Very Tired (60)
It’s time for Gryn’s required internship! Part of it has him stay in a new, unfamiliar place. Will f...
Bara offspring (435)
Figure out what your manly offspring is like
Monstrous Bara Encounter (1,014)
The life of an adventurer is a hard but interesting one, who knows what you may encounter.
Animal Crossing 🍃 (178)
NSFW furry makeout (and a little more) (1,101)
You and Aeon (a top bat) 6.8ft male. Male x male
Creepy PM Generator (446)
Oh hey, a new message! I wonder who its from?
What are your assets? (268)
Determine your sexy assets!
What&039;s Your Pred Stalker Like? (2,035)
You've caught the attention of somebody today, somebody who wants to gobble you up for supper. ...
How Fattening Will You Be? (2,910)
Simply input the name of a predator (someone you know, a species, a crush, whatever!), and we will c...
how taroocoey r u today? (17)
find out RIGHT NOW!
what are you is taken so i’m adding more... (124)
find out what you are omg!
Your Vore Fortune (882)
Put your name into the VoreFortune Calculator to see what the odds of success in certain settings wi...
Fursona Rating (153)
Fursona Rating: A Rating of your Fursona
operator&039;s kinkatorium [18+] (1,829)
[NSFW/18+] Honestly, you probably shouldn't have walked in here.
You&039;ve been turned into a muscular w... (570)
but how and why? :o
Muscle furry encounter at the gym (556)
Your encounter at the gym with a studly furry.
The Adventures of You and your Bara Boyf... (1,414)
How you met you bara boyfriend and what you did from there~
Eggression (733)
Whoops, messing with that spell transformed you into a helpless egg! Well hopefully you'll at l...
Your Dutch Angel Dragon (132)
you can read
Your furry Muscle bro. (675)
You just met up with a friend from a long time ago and you haven't spoken to them in years. It ...
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