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🐝🌼🍯Winnie The Pooh Generator🍯🌼🐝 (23)
Wanna know which ‘Winnie the Pooh‘ character you’re best friends with? Use this generator to find ou...
🌹🍄❤️Heartslabyul Generator ❤️🍄🌹 (27)
Let’s see which Heartslabyul student from “Twisted Wonderland” you are!
⭐️Steven Universe Gem Generator⭐️ (64)
Let’s find out what kind of gem you’d be in the world of ‘Steven Universe’!
💧🌎🔥💨ATLA Bender Generator💨🔥🌎💧 (70)
Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Let’s see what type of be
What would you be as an animal? (107)
who are you, really?
Methane fart percentage!! (67)
How stanky your fart is
Which Wife of Henry VIII Are You? (26)
Are You Catherine Parr? Anne Boleyn? Let’s Find Out!
what fictional lesbian are u (79)
lesbians i like.. which is ur government assigned lesbian
In which Kpop group will you debut? (299)
See in which group you will debut! Will you debut in a group like BTS or ATEEZ? or more nugu groups ...
KHR Life (25)
undying fandom
kpop song recommendation (124)
i just like these songs a lot (wayv included!!)
what magical being are you? (469)
Your song of Map of the Soul: 7 (284)
Map of the Soul: 7
OC generator for art/stories etc (119)
An OC generator you can use for art, stories and more! I'll try and make this as detailed as I ...
What is Your True Sexuality? (653)
IMPORTANT NOTE: this diagnosis is only meant for fun and isn’t meant to be taken too seriously.
What kind of kpop idol are you? (390)
Find out what kind of kpop idol you are, what group you're in and what youe idol life is like. ...
What would Your Kpop Group be like? (572)
Find out what your Kpop group will be like! (To see what you would be like as an Idol, I made a sep...
You can use this to see the strong and weak points of your idol, what their nationality would be, an...
Random idol (8,840)
A random idol for u (M&F)
Which kpop idol wants to collab with you... (807)
Kpop idol who wants to collaborate with you. #createdwithshindanmaker
your new utau (81)
generate a new utau voicebank character
Which Decade are you from? (258)
Use this to Find out!
fur yourself! (159)
turn yourself into a furry, make a fursona, or whatever. feel free to change the data you got a litt...
Xmas Transformations (544)
Through strange circumstances you've been transformed into something related to the Christmas h...
How your MX relationship will end. (944)
Stan MX
How will you fall the next time you fall (75)
An incredibely accurate shindan that will tell you when you will fall, how you will fall, and what w...
Animal Transformation (504)
Generator that will say what animal you'll become and how you'll be transformed. It's...
Ratchet Check (45)
Come get ur ratchetness checkeddd
What are your Terror Levels? (840)
A New You (664)
A life reset has occurred. Both your gender and your body have been changed completely. How though?
Your Future Waifu (1,057)
Who's your future waifu?
what % dumb bitch are you (2,302)
your own personal anime rhythm game (408)
put in ur name and ill create a idol rhythm game just for you
your kny life (9,919)
Hee hee
glee life... glife (1,669)
what would your life be like if you were in glee
who is your godly parent (575)
this ones for my percy jackson bitches babey
what was your tumblr phase (871)
which of these dark and Soul Crushing things consumed your life for months and/or years in the deep ...
does jk rowling diagnose you with gay? (904)
has the god of homoness herself miss jk rowling declared you as gay?
what will you be tiktok famous for (583)
whats ur a/b/o status/scent (159,050)
i am NOT a furry this is just fun a nd jokes I SWEAR IN MY LIFE JUST LAUGHS
HEAVEN or HELL ? (121)
Everyone on Earth has just lost their lives. It is time to judge your souls and your life in order t...
Weird and Wild Reality Shifts (909)
After discovering a small bubble of energy, you curiously walk through it, unaware that the bubble&#...
your new anime life (285)
what anime are u in and who are h
your gg stan twitter life (9,347)
who are u on stan twt
Video Game hero (120)
Your life is now a video game, let’s see what it’s like!
which ASTRO member&039;s random object a... (361)
What&039;s your Popufur rank? (98)
Are you a Popufur? What are you even popular for? Find out why everyone is flooding your DMs with th...
What is your furry emoticon? (857)
Is it OwO? UwU? -W-? or maybe nwn? We'll see
What is your mental age? (253)
We'll see
How well would you do on Produce 101? (421)
How well would you do on Produce x 101?
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