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Fat Monster Girls~ (319)
Generates a fat monster girl~
[NSFW] Isekai Scenario Generator (965)
You awaken and find yourself in another world! What kind of adventure awaits you? Inspired by the Is...
Reincarnated in Another World! (317)
Run over by a generic Isekai-brand truck, you find yourself awakening in another world, inhabiting ...
Generador de personajes para Anacronicas (5)
tu dale
Kelen character generator (37)
creates a Kelen-based character, but could be used for anything vaguely fantasy
Arkanoth OC (79)
As a formless soul you got into Arkanoth. Let's see how you grew up!
Fantasy World Character Stats (159)
Youre Stats in a Fantasy World
How Similar Are You to Vuthari (21)
Test your similarity to t/CyberIncRobin ‘s dnd character
A Stranger(&039;s) Fate? (388)
Make up a name for an OC and see what they were and how things turn out... ANTHRO FURRIES ARE POSSIB...
Your very own crown (67)
Hoo boy, look's like you're royalty. What does your crown look like?
Your very own Coronation (51)
Welp, looks like the ruler has kicked the bucket and you're next in line! I wonder how the coro...
Fantasy world with BTS? (408)
If you transmigrated into a fantasy world with a member of BTS, what would it look like? Heres your ...
Your MDZS relationships (1,992)
Who are you to the characters of MDZS? Find out here! ꉂꉂ(๑˃▿︎˂๑)ァ,、'`
Male Races (66)
Male Fantasy Races
Female Races (158)
Female Fantasy Races
The Night Relic【Mag ver.】 (37)
A human being "Iola" that has fantasy creature in its body. A wizard/witch "Mag"...
The Night Relic【Iola ver.】 (28)
A human being "Iola" that has fantasy creature in its body. A wizard/witch "Mag"...
You&039;re A Dragon! (225)
What type of dragon are you? Update: Added some humorous results and new dragon types, along with o...
Fantasy Girl Reincarnation (2,589)
You've died, and a Goddess has reincarnated you as a cute girl of an unknown race, and tasked y...
Hybrid Monster Girl Transformation (1,648)
You've become a monster girl! But somethings off... You're a fusion of two of them! What t...
Who are you in the past? (127)
Your past in the fantasy world
Discover Your Heroic Weapon (230)
What weapon has or will become known across the land on your hero's journey?
British Monster Generator (84)
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a good start, but there are so many other monsters out t...
Which mythical being are you? (Japanese ... (361)
Demons, ghosts, ghouls, mythical beasts or folk deities - which yokai are you?
Animal Transformation (423)
Generator that will say what animal you'll become and how you'll be transformed. It's...
What&039;s your role in the zombie apoca... (521)
What you'll be doing after the brain-munchers rise
Arctic&039;s Personal TF Inspiration (pu... (838)
Public version of Arctic's private randomizer.
Your Fantasy Hero Name (105)
Have you heard of the High Elves?
Goddess nyx (164)
Power of the Queen of night and darkness
Your Dragon Quest Party Member (163)
A New Party Member draws near! Command?
~What&039;s Your Fantasy Race?~ (155)
Every wondered what race you would be in some fantasy world? Or maybe you're making an original...
An Encounter [NSFW] (11,221)
a female smut generator
Random Fantasy Scenario (335)
Just a fun little fantasy scenario generator.
Your Fantasy Tale (303)
Here is a randomly generated fantasy story starring yourself.
Fantasy rpg growth v.6 (1,860)
After a migthy deed or a lucky shot your physical stats received an upgrade! How do they impact your...
Character Generator! (1,135)
Enter a name and get prompts for a fantasy character! Includes appearance, species, gender and much ...
Your zombie apocalypse stats (343)
Your characteristics as someone in a zombie apocalypse
DnD Hag name. (324)
Dnd hangs have some pretty great names.
Choose Your Magic (53)
For Discord Purposes
How will you die in a mythological situa... (141)
Perhaps it will be your Achilles heel. Maybe you will be smote down. Find out today!
Griffon Generator (171)
So... many... birds.... 4,677 birds and 182 cats. What kind of griffon will you get? (don't mi...
D&D Mixed Character Generator (214)
More Races than a lot of other generators have. Enter what name you want for the character and see w...
Monster Hunter Monster Generator (957)
Creates a monster hunter monster name and stats from your name. You can also use this as inspiration...
A New Dungeon Has Emerged! (7,474)
New dungeons are popping up constantly! The rewards must be great but is it worth it?
You are now a Monster Girl! (160,065)
Reincarnation? Transportation to another world? Whatever the case, it seems your body now looks only...
The lullaby (58)
Your character as the lullaby (who use song to controll over thing that have something similar to th...
Your Fantasy Life Generator (240)
who are you in another life, in another time, in another place...
Questing Expedition (152)
You and a congregation of adventurers venture into unknown, unexplored areas, in pursuit of wealth a...
Your unique armament (247)
Generates a weapon with random stats, element and name.
What type of spellcaster are you? (830)
With all the various types of magic out there, ever wonder what type of spellcaster you are? What�...
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