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~What&039;s Your Fantasy Race?~ (76)
Every wondered what race you would be in some fantasy world? Or maybe you're making an original...
An Encounter [NSFW] (2,007)
a female smut generator
Random Fantasy Scenario (177)
Just a fun little fantasy scenario generator.
Your Fantasy Tale (179)
Here is a randomly generated fantasy story starring yourself.
Fantasy rpg growth v.6 (1,091)
After a migthy deed or a lucky shot your physical stats received an upgrade! How do they impact your...
Character Generator! (464)
Enter a name and get prompts for a fantasy character! Includes appearance, species, gender and much ...
Your zombie apocalypse stats (184)
Your characteristics as someone in a zombie apocalypse
DnD Hag name. (112)
Dnd hangs have some pretty great names.
How will you die in a mythological situa... (68)
Perhaps it will be your Achilles heel. Maybe you will be smote down. Find out today!
Griffon Generator (42)
So... many... birds.... 4,677 birds and 182 cats. What kind of griffon will you get? (don't mi...
D&D Mixed Character Generator (118)
More Races than a lot of other generators have. Enter what name you want for the character and see w...
Monster Hunter Monster Generator (304)
Creates a monster hunter monster name and stats from your name. You can also use this as inspiration...
A New Dungeon Has Emerged! (1,995)
New dungeons are popping up constantly! The rewards must be great but is it worth it?
You are now a Monster Girl! (4,985)
Reincarnation? Transportation to another world? Whatever the case, it seems your body is now only pa...
The lullaby (43)
Your character as the lullaby (who use song to controll over thing that have something similar to th...
Your Fantasy Life Generator (156)
who are you in another life, in another time, in another place...
Questing Expedition (116)
You and a congregation of adventurers venture into unknown, unexplored areas, in pursuit of wealth a...
Your unique armament (186)
Generates a weapon with random stats, element and name.
What type of spellcaster are you? (535)
With all the various types of magic out there, ever wonder what type of spellcaster you are? What�...
You as a Dnd Character (479)
What kind of Dnd Character are you? Class, race, background, subclass, personality, and stats!
You as a fantasy RPG character (female) (191)
I like games like that too) Maplestory for example
Mermiad Generator (284)
This is a mermiad generator. Targeted at girls but can be used for boys.
OC generator for women (177)
For women. Not men. Created by a man.
Dawn Dusk Spirits Character Creator (65)
A realm where Mystics and Daemons balance the world, where Angels and Devils keep watch on the world...
Inktober Fantasy (8,269)
~ A Dark Fantasy Role Player~ In this inky dark world, man and monster coexist and the sun hasn'...
What would your fantasy life be like? (520)
A generator for a fantasy character, or your sona.
Your Cisum Stats (Yokoka&039;s Quest com... (221)
Generate a character profile from the world of the Yokoka's Quest webcomic!
Fantasy Creature Inspiration Generator (462)
A fantasy creature generator to help inspire animal creation
[Rc:WH] Repair / Recovery (5)
EW SS2 [BreakEvent 1] (141)
NPC Generator (245)
provides a short description of an NPC, includes most of the races for 5e
Your Final Fantasy Party (214)
Who is your Final Fantasy party made up of?
Korimori Character Generator (144)
Create characters like how I do it!
You but as a D&D character (28,702)
What kind of Dungeons and Dragons character are you?
A Fantasy OC Maker (530)
Enter a name for a randomly generated OC to cure your art block or boredom! LOTS of variety has been...
Create A Demon! [Dwarf Fortress] (346)
Enter the name of a demon or demon species you want to make! Heavily inspired by Dwarf Fortress.
Your Wizard Staff (242)
You get a magical staff!
Pet Dragon Creator (315)
Make your own dragon friend!
Witch Generator (628)
now even easier to make a witch oc
Your fantasy status! (697)
What will you be? Updated 7/19/18
Your Fantasy Idol OC! (498)
You just arrived in a fantasy world brimming with the prospect for adventure, and you're an ido...
Your Personal Weapon (93,238)
Generates a random weapon with its own stats, element, name and more.
✨Fantasy Generator✨ (323)
General Fantasy Generator
Madness Character Generation (596)
Very in-depth Character generation for possibly insane characters
Fantasy Character Generatorr (454)
What it says on the tin, might add more later!
Your Magical Weapon (722)
What would your magical weapon look like and what would it do? Includes a brief description and stat...
What is Your Familiar? (759)
Many different animals can be familiars. What's yours? Includes a brief description and stats.
You as a Classic RPG Character (329)
What would you be like as an RPG character? Includes a brief description and stats.
Warship creator (20th century, up to 196... (232)
Type in your last name.
Your elf persona (10,119)
High cheekbones n' pointy ears (probably too long)
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