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Which song from ko ko bop are you (exo) (20)
which kpop idol would fight you? (6,601)
and would you win?
whats ur government assigned exo song? (219)
what it says on the tin baby. includes subunits, does not include solo songs/artists
exo vibes (1,112)
exo life playlist (94)
delulu mode: activated
which exo member would marry you? (1,342)
i think this is relevant now so find out here which of the exo members would marry you!
which kpop idol would be your enemy? (14,335)
ever wondered which idols you WOULDN'T get along with? find out here! includes a variety of bot...
EXO mafia (136)
You've been kidnapped by a mafia, who are these mysterious men?
What&039;s your compatibility with ĖXØ? (2,351)
Check your compatibility with the members of ĖXØ.
What&039;s your compatibility with EXO? (18,079)
Check your compatibility with the members of EXO.
what’s your compatibility with exo (224)
exo exo
0 EXO by @heebaeks
your relationships with EXO (178)
what relationship will you have with EXO members? just for fun and jokes~ (daily results!)
who&039;s your ex in exo and why (179)
the title says everything
exo as ur twitter mutuals (5,917)
ot9 yas tea
exo natal chart (182)
Assigned Exo At Birth
what’s your compatibility with exo? (39,249)
have fun uwu
basically who are you most like in exo
what&039;s your compatibility with exo (211)
how compatible are you with exo akdfkasdj
Who is your daddy in exo ? (381)
A for sehun
ExoL NctZen (557)
I'm a exol and nctzen
Which Exo song title describes your life... (364)
Which exo song title describes your current state of life.
Birthday with EXO (935)
How will you celebrate your Birthday with EXO members?? Check this out.... Just for fun okay ^.^
EXO Couple (6,485)
Your EXO's future
Kpop idol (501)
All about kpop member and someone can be my future
Exo Classroom (531)
You're in a class with Exo! What will happen?
Exo & Me (558)
All of me
Who&039;s your EXO husband? (2,267)
Which one of OT12 will you marry and what's your future like?
What will you and an EXO member&039;s fu... (1,745)
Will you be friends? lovers? enemies? frenemies?
EXO frick frack (710)
Your first kiss with EXO! (2,300)
First kiss scenario generator ft. EXO!
Who in the exo chat is your destined one... (980)
Omona, secrets are revealed
Kai or Chen Boyfriend (1,655)
You'll never guess who you get!
KPOP Idol Domination ❤ (4,502)
Get dominated by your favourite stars!
What EXO Thinks About You (4,160)
You go to a fanmeet..what's the most memorable thing a member will tell you?
How Long Before You Marry? (7,424)
How long will you wait before you marry an EXO member? EDIT: OT9
EXO Kiss, Kill, Marry (4,325)
Who will you kiss, kill, and marry?
How You Will Meet EXO (2,027)
You met EXO, but how did it begin?
Your EXO Couple (4,400)
Here is your future
exo stuff (3,484)
u kno
Meet Your EXO OTP ❤ (2,270)
young love in the streets (and in the sheets)
your ultimate exo otp (5,188)
who's your exo one true pairing?
1 exo kpop
[EXO] Your Wedding (12,714)
Who are you going to marry?
Miraa (270)
who is your husband in EXO? (45,888)
let's see who you got to be your husband in EXO!
It&039;s Ok(yungsoo)ay (518)
daily kyungsoo things
What does your heart beat to? *EXO Editi... (2,497)
Which Exo member will you marry? (3,106)
idk lol this is just a simple one to test out how this thing works
sweet moment with exo (4,416)
sweet moment with exo
How EXO takes your virginity? (5,222)
It will picture how you lost your virginity
2 EXO by @diiiils
Who is your EXO One True Pairing? (6,172)
Who is the true pairing in your heart?
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