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Diagnoses on the theme of [exo].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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what’s your compatibility with exo? (36,297)
have fun uwu
Who Is Your Child and Husband?? (60,027)
Husband-EXO Child:BTS
Your holiday with EXO (51,193)
what would happen if you have holiday with EXO?
Scandalous Kpop Life (43,805)
Your (dirty) life as a kpop idol~
exo love (42,173)
a true story
What is your future with EXO? (42,168)
Find out what EXO will have to do with your future ^.^
who is your husband in EXO? (40,481)
let's see who you got to be your husband in EXO!
EXO Perfect Match (34,729)
Find out which EXO member is your perfect match!
fvck marry kill [EXO] (31,126)
lets play!! (*^3^)/~♡ [please remember that this is all just for fun]
drunk exo (30,028)
story time
8 exo kpop
Life with EXO (29,799)
How does your life end up?
Spin the bottle ~ MUAH! (29,511)
LOL this oughta be interesting! EXO!!
You met EXO (28,480)
what happened between u 2?
Date With EXO (26,102)
How will your date with an EXO member turn out?
17 EXO Kpop
Cute EXO Scenario! (24,877)
What a wonderful day to spend with EXO~!
12 k-pop exo
EXO Mash Game (24,519)
Title says it all. :D
You're the newest EXO member! (21,513)
Find out your position and fanservice partner in EXO!
EXO Encounter (20,760)
What happens when you encounter EXO
YOU WANT THE D? [EXO] (20,647)
Who's D do you want?
How much EXO loves you (19,059)
What&039;s your compatibility with EXO? (17,569)
Check your compatibility with the members of EXO.
Your Life With EXO (17,186)
try it
Who&039;s your soulmate ? EXO / BTS (16,315)
Who's your soulmate ? @-@ In BTS & EXO
your dreams w your bias (15,699)
be happy. Just for fun
your wedding party with exo (15,514)
you wedding party will be....
4 exo by @ikrisyou
your drama with exo (14,387)
9 exo by @ikrisyou
How is your love life with exo (13,423)
here is it
2 exo by @ikrisyou
EXO Threesome (13,353)
Who'd you most likely to have a threesome with
[EXO] Your Wedding (12,498)
Who are you going to marry?
relationship with exo (12,285)
how's your relation ship with exo?
2 exo by @ikrisyou
Hot EXO Scenarios (11,829)
What hot scenarios will you have with EXO?
Exo Madness (11,110)
Kimmy spotted with Chanyeol kicking some television in Luhan's hometown
High school with EXO (11,107)
♡ HS W/ EXO ♡
you and exo marriage (11,002)
how's your marriage with exo?
2 exo by @ikrisyou
EXO Nightmares (10,421)
Who will come to your dream tonight? ㅋㅋㅋ
Last Night With Exo (10,246)
Diagnose your night time with exo
your exo life (10,191)
what happen if u married with exo member
Who will end up in your EROTIC HOT BODY life?!
Your Exo Fairytale (8,579)
Which exo member will you share a fairytale with?
How Long Before You Marry? (7,163)
How long will you wait before you marry an EXO member? EDIT: OT9
Your EXO pet (6,850)
1 exo kpop
exo ew (6,344)
its weird
EXO cute prank (6,342)
doing cute prank to EXO member xD
EXO Couple (6,265)
Your EXO's future
Who is your EXO One True Pairing? (6,073)
Who is the true pairing in your heart?
EXO WORLD (5,701)
for EXOtics
your ultimate exo otp (5,086)
who's your exo one true pairing?
1 exo kpop
How EXO takes your virginity? (5,024)
It will picture how you lost your virginity
2 EXO by @diiiils
what should you ship today and why (includes japanese adjectives for maximum enjoyment)
EXO Scenario ♥ (4,485)
What would your EXO hubby do to you?
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