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Your DnD Character (17,436)
Your DnD Character stats
13 DnD Games
Your D&D Character (3,593)
What is your D&D character?
DnD Character! (3,977)
Find out your race, class, and stats! Results change daily.
Your Personalized DND Character! (1,675)
Take this as a template for a dungeons and dragons character if you're low for ideas! It includ...
Gemstone Generator (668)
Get a gemstone of a unique cut, color, shape and size!
Pathfinder Beastiary (1,192)
Make a monster
What DND character matches your (fic.) n... (146)
Beware, character may contradict all rules of the universe and break it (only one character creation...
You as a Dnd Character (839)
What kind of Dnd Character are you? Class, race, background, subclass, personality, and stats!
What D&D cryptid are you? (267)
oh yknow, those ones no one ever plays
D&D Character Generator (501)
Find out what your next D&D character will be like!
Random DnD Character Generator (272)
it will give you a class, race, alignment, and background to start you off!!
your dungeons and dragons build (326)
what is you are dungeons and dragons character build
DnD 5e Maker (499)
generates stuff from the 5e player handbook
What DnD Character are you? (211)
Randomly generate a DnD character
Dnd maker (84)
dw about it
Male Races (77)
Male Fantasy Races
Female Races (181)
Female Fantasy Races
Basic D&D Character Generator (150)
This generator creates the basics for the beginning of a character. Does not come with stats. Genera...
Welcome to Acquisitions Incorporated (1,486)
Welcome to the company! Now, who are you? Not sure? Well, let me tell you...
Gem Generator (224)
i made this to describe d&d loot
NPC Generator (391)
provides a short description of an NPC, includes most of the races for 5e
D&D Character Creator (1,042)
Selects the basic characteristics for a new dnd character.
what&039;s your new rpg class? (486)
these are the new rpg classes, the old ones are fake now
Whats your Element and Affinity? (326)
Get your Element and Affinity.
do you eat vermin (110)
Does your OC, or you, have a notable propensity to consume rats and mice and bugs? Find out here.
Wand of Risk (71)
Dungeons of dragons 5th edition Magic item effect generator
Warlock Patron Relationship (447)
Enough of "i sold my soul to a demon / managed to deceive one to get powers!" What's ...
DnD Hag name. (426)
Dnd hangs have some pretty great names.
Ability Scores (248)
Ever Played dnd? no? well it doesn't matter
what are ur stats (103)
check out ur stats for dnd
5e (109)
A 5e dnd generator for fun and inspiration.
Barovia&039;s Dumbass Brigade Kin Assign... (29)
If you follow Onion the Rogue and her party's adventure as they travel through Barovia to destr...
Your Enrinegis Fake Date (64)
Who are you pretending to date?
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