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Diagnoses on the theme of [characters].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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You but as a D&D character (28,707)
What kind of Dungeons and Dragons character are you?
Fantasy Character Classes (9,961)
What is your fantasy character class?
What RPG character are you? (9,530)
What kind of character would you be in an RPG?
Anime Character Generator (Basic info) (8,167)
Create an anime character using this generator. This is for your characters basic info. You do not n...
Anime Character Randomizer~! ^-^ (5,253)
Enter a name to create a random character or enter your own and see what happens~.
What RWBY Character is your ___? (3,851)
You were adopted. You have older/younger sibling, a best friend, your favorite/unfavorite teacher. A...
Favorite Video Game Character (1,923)
Diagnoses your video game character
Anime Character Creator (Adv. info) (1,641)
This is the advanced version of my anime character generator. This will give you the advanced info f...
your fictional waifu (1,503)
find your true fictional waifu
boku no hero academia character stuff (1,495)
there's like one swear word on here don't tell the police
Voltron OC Generator (1,488)
Make a new Voltron OC! Gender neutral.
If you were from Dragon Age (968)
What are you in Dragon age?
Detailed character generator (846)
All the other generators I've seen have too much going on or not enough. Heres an in between on...
Gundam and Gundam characters (755)
Favorite Gundam series and character for today?
Female Character Face Maker (729)
This'll make you a female OC, I guess. Use in conjuncture with https://en.shindanmaker.com/6665...
Your Imaginary Friend (638)
Diagnoses your strange friends. Please draw the result.
Race and Class (586)
Insert your Name and find out your Race and Class
chara gen (574)
if you get the same color twice its a monochromatic color scheme :-)
Your Ring and Fav character? (475)
What will fate decide when it comes to your daily ring and Reborn character?
Your scifi bounty hunter (407)
Generates a profile for a sci-fi bounty hunter - great for drawing!
Your Rune Factory Spouse (361)
Who is your true love in Rune Factory? Characters from all RF games are possible results, including ...
Which of my OC&039;s will be in love wit... (326)
You'll never know which one of my OC's will love ya. :3
Which Kuroshitsuji character are you? (295)
Well? Who are you? Including characters from the manga and the anime.
Quest 64 (262)
What character are you?
Generate-a-character (236)
Need a random character? We've got you covered! enter a name and get a randomly generated chara...
Name Generator but mainly made just for ... (208)
it only contains a few names i like if you get Vincent Schmidt, PLEASE F*CKING REDO BECAUSE IT GIVE...
Clotheing Randomizer (Male) (193)
Just so I can not SUCK
Platonic prompts (185)
Prompts for characters who are not in romantic relationships, because platonic relationships are goo...
Your Chinese characters (Japanese stroke... (170)
3 Characters from 2121 Japanese Kanji (Chinese characters). If you are interested in the characters,...
Name Generator (GIRLS) (156)
Girl name generator.
Which character of mine will fall for yo... (145)
Oh boy please don't actually bang the electronics and programs. //PLEASE DON'T ACTUALLY PA...
Random Anime Character (127)
a character from anime there's random, le gasp. I'm lazy so I will update this over time s...
Silver Pines OC Generator (126)
Welcome to Silver Pines! Population: 4,443, and dropping. A weird glitch in a local news broadcast h...
Splatoon 2 Inkling/Octoling/Player (107)
In-game settings only. Boy/girl stuff is mixed. Ink, hair and legwear names are from splatoonwiki.or...
Your Terra Battle Team! (97)
Does anybody play Terra Battle? No one? Just me? Psk... You don't know what you're missing...
Animoop Descriptives (92)
This Shindan descriptively diagnoses your animoop's hair style and color, eye color and face type.
Your Prevent Characters Apperence (76)
A fun way of getting the apperence of your prevent character.
Your Aether Adrift Character (56)
What kind of character should you play in Aether Adrift?
Statistical (11)
This statistic to show how you are in your life
What&039;s your Lawain lover? (9)
just a simiple test to see what person from Lawain you're in a relationship with
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