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Boku no Hero Academia Life (24,388)
How would you live in this world of supernatural?
Your BNHA Stats (23,729)
How strong are you as a hero within the BNHA world?
Quirk Generator (14,216)
Randomly generates your quirks and roles.
Your Boku no Hero Academia Character! (71,173)
What would your life be like in Boku no Hero Academia?
BNHA OC Generator!! (26,021)
What quirk your quirk be and how would you look in the BNHA world? :)
find your inner deku! * note, the quirk is just a keyword, meant to spark creativity! have fun!
Hero Acdemia Quirk (6,896)
Get an unusual quirk lmao
Make Your BNHA Character! (3,603)
My Hero Academia!
Character creator for BNHA (3,471)
Enter your name and find your appearance and quirk listed Along with your friends and crush.
Which U.A. girl would you date? (3,467)
BnHA is bound to have at least some romance involved later on. But if you were in the universe, whic...
Your BnHA character. (3,380)
Which My Hero Academia character are you?
BNHA/My Hero Academy Squad (3,283)
What does your My Hero Academy Squad consist of? (There are multiple choices for your squad incase ...
Which BNHA/MHA character are you most li... (3,226)
Which My Hero Academy/Boku No Hero Academia character are you most like?
Your True Quirk (3,112)
This thingy will tell you what your quirk is, this takes all quirks from the Boku no Hero Academia W...
Unique bnha quirk (2,390)
Your own quirk
Your BNHA Life (Detailed) (2,326)
Inserts you into the Boku no hero academia fandom. (detailed)
What are your powers? (2,160)
Because we need another one. Use for quirks or something. Results change daily.
Your BNHA Conspiracy Theory (2,133)
Find out who is really who in Boku no Hero Academia
Your BNHA Role (1,733)
Think you have what it takes to fight among heroes?
BNHA Quirk* Daily (314)
Your Daily Quirk
Your BNHA Quirk* (307)
A Quirk, Your Quirk
Bnha Quirk But like bad (169)
Wanna know ur bnha quirk is? Cool
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