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Diagnoses on the theme of [astrology].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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your soulmates placements (8,961)
calculate your soulmate's astrology chart~
your nct placement (11,720)
what is your nct sun, moon and rising?
your x1 placements (9,872)
sun, moon and rising
seventeen natal chart (4,011)
find out your sun, moon, and rising!
sun/moon/rising sign generator (3,486)
random 3-sign combinations for your oc-making needs
Shinee placements (2,227)
Just like what the title says and if you know about astrology and how shinee acts, this would make s...
Seventeen Placements (1,506)
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Rising included. Sun presents ego (personality), moon deals wit...
twicestrology (1,152)
your major astrological signs a but as twice
what are your stray kids placements? (865)
your stray kids sun , moon , and rising placements (changes everyday)
Your Sun, Moon and Rising placements (740)
For astrology lovers. See what your random Sun, Moon and Rising placements are! Just for fun. This o...
sf9 natal chart (640)
sftrology ✨ sf9 astrology placements
your day6 placements (591)
find out your day6 signs
Which signs should you fight? (503)
Based on a tumblr post I saw, I would link it but it got cut off because it was so long. Also I dou...
Your Sun, Moon and Rising placements (ra... (473)
For astrology lovers. See what your random Sun, Moon and Rising placements are for today! Just for f...
svt birth chart (458)
ur placements as seventeen members
your CIX placement (449)
what is your CIX sun, moon and rising?
Red Velvet Placements (441)
Haetnim, love that dog. Also sun represents the personality or ego, moon represents emotions and how...
your day6 birth chart (428)
what are your day6 placements?
a.c.e astrology (356)
sun moon and rising!
what are your loona sun, moon, and risin... (341)
assigns a loona member to each of your sun, moon, and rising astrological sign! follow me on twitte...
The universe has influenced you (315)
They entirely have effects on you.
wanna one astrology (266)
sun, moon, rising
jo1 placements (214)
sun + moon + rising
what are your super junior placements (157)
what members of super junior make up your sun, moon, and rising placements?
1the9 astrology (142)
your astrology placements but as 1the9 members uwu
noir astrology (90)
sun moon and rising
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