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Aikatsu Aura Generator (5,149)
Find out what kind of aura you would have as an idol!
Idol Anime/Game Brand Generator (3,153)
Need some names for an Aikatsu/PriPara/Dream Festival/Original Brand? Try this!
Your Daily Aikatsu Performance (1,038)
Find out which Aikatsu Song you will sing today, and who will be singing with you!
Which Aikatsu! idol are you? (764)
Find out here.
Your Brand Name (763)
Find the name of your brand ! (for idooools)
what type of aikatsu idol are you? (713)
find out your passionate aikatsu life!
Find Out Your Aikatsu Brand (668)
Find out your Aikatsu Brand today, tomorrow and any day!
What Aikatsu Stars Character Are You? (631)
What Type of Idol in AiStars Are You? (483)
Find out your idol type, brand & class if you were in AiStars!
Aikatsu! OTP (467)
gay idols... or not (now with more s4)
Aikatsu Stars! OC Generator (393)
Generates an Aikatsu Stars! OC along with their full name, age, birthday, blood type, height, class,...
Which "Aikatsu Stars!" Charact... (337)
Because Aikatsu is good.
Aikatsu Love Triangle Generator (333)
your new aikatsu ot3 (?)
Aikatsu Yaoi (243)
I forgot half of these characters even existed
photokatsu roll simulator (240)
get your dream PR! maybe
Aikatsu! OTP (Ichigo Gen) (164)
S1 and S2 characters only!
Aikatsu Trio! (142)
random trio groups... who will join eachother Next
Aikatsu OTP (68)
who is your otp in Aikatsu (2 people version)
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